3 Tips on How to Clean Your Home as Good as a Commercial Building

Many homeowners understand the importance of cleanliness in order to fight off disease and promote better health for the family. As much as possible, homeowners prefer to hire professional cleaning services, especially if they’re busy. This way, those with a tight schedule can still achieve a clean, comfortable, and beautiful home just like a clean commercial building. 

Take a look at the recommended home cleaning tips below. 

  1. Practice Efficient Cleaning  

Shine Cleaning Solutions from Glasgow explains that professional cleaners focus on good cleaning quality and efficiency. Reliable commercial cleaners use a wide range of environment-friendly cleaning products, too. Also, they perform the latest cleaning techniques in a timely manner. Thus, if you want to clean your home like a pro, always have in mind an efficient-cleaning method.

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Check these efficient cleaning tips to keep you guided: 

  • Gather and organize all cleaning tools: Place your cleaning tools in a bucket, caddy, or tote. This will make your cleaning job easier and faster because you have everything you need in a portable and accessible place.
  • Choose one task and finish it: Choose one task, such as mopping, dusting, or vacuuming, and do it in all rooms. For example, dedicate time for dusting all surfaces across all rooms and proceed with the next task. 

This cleaning technique is more efficient as compared to cleaning an entire room at a time. In this way, you won’t feel an endless cleaning cycle or starting the same tasks all over again.  

  • Sweep before mopping: Before you mop, sweep the floor first. When mopping, start from the farthest room corner and move backward until you reach the doorway, helping you avoid mopping yourself and getting trapped into a corner. Make sure to rinse the mop when you finish mopping a 4-by-4-foot area. 
  • Move while vacuuming: Keep moving while vacuuming, running it in every nook, cranny, and carpeted room.
  • Apply cleaners first before wiping and scrubbing: If you need to apply cleaners to dissolve gunk and stains, make sure to apply them first before scrubbing toilets, cleaning oven spills, or removing hard deposits. Cleaners will soften the stains, making wiping and scrubbing easier. 
  1. Use The Right Cleaning Tools  

Commercial establishments are professionally cleaned using the best cleaning tools from commercial cleaning companies. Hence, investing in the right cleaning tools for your home will make your cleaning tasks stress-free as possible. 

Take a look at the following cleaning tools you must have at home: 

  • Vacuum cleaner: A vacuum cleaner effortlessly keeps your floors debris-free. You need a lightweight, portable vacuum with a small suction-head to tackle individual steps. 
  • Broom and dustpan: This cleaning duo enables you to sweep dirt, hair, crumbs, and cat litter you’d rather not step on. Reach beneath the kitchen table, into corners, and under the stove’s furniture or edge using these tools. As a tip, choose a dustpan with an extra-long handle to avoid bending over to hold it in place. 
  • Microfiber cloths: A microfiber cloth makes a reusable choice to attain a streak-free shine on mirrors, glass, and other hard surfaces. Also, microfiber cloths keep surfaces free of spills, streaks, and dust.
  • Pair of gloves: If you have irritated skin, choose gloves with a fabric lining or gentle cotton. Choose a good pair of anti-slip and smell-free gloves–one that fits your hand to avoid sweating and bacterial growth.  
  1. Follow CDC’s Guidelines In Home Disinfection

Like commercial buildings, the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention also recommend home disinfection tips to prevent sickness due to viruses and other harmful microorganisms. 

Here’s what they suggest: 

  • Keep the surface wet with a disinfectant following the recommended time in the product label. 
  • For safety, wear gloves and ensure adequate ventilation when using disinfectants. To avoid releasing vapors that are dangerous when inhaled, don’t mix household bleach with any other disinfectants or cleaners.  
  • Minimize dispersing viruses and other microorganisms through the air by not shaking dirty laundry. Wear disposable gloves, especially when handling a sick person’s dirty laundry. 
  • For soft surfaces, like drapes, carpets, and rugs, clean them using soap and water. Launder items following the manufacturer’s instructions at the warmest water setting. Make sure to dry items completely. 
  • Electronic devices, like mobile phones, tablets, keyboards, remote controls, and touch screens, should have wipeable covers for easier cleaning and disinfecting.  


Clean your home as good as a commercial building by practicing efficient cleaning and following the CDC’s home disinfection guidelines. Make your cleaning job a lot easier by applying cleaners first before removing the stains. Using the right tools will also help you finish your cleaning tasks more effectively and faster, like a pro.

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