3 Tips for Storing Your Jewelry at Home

Jewelry is one thing that humans are happy to spend a lot of money on, even if a particular item isn’t going to be worn very often. Timeless family heirlooms, engagement rings, and valuable pieces regardless of their cost should be cared for properly. However, many people are storing their jewelry in a way that leaves necklaces tangled, rings lost and earrings in a jumble. This not only makes it difficult to find that one item that would complete your special occasion outfit, but it also reduces how long your jewelry can be enjoyed.

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When improperly stored, jewelry can tangle and break, rendering it unwearable or requiring valuable time to repair. Fortunately, you don’t need to buy an elaborate storage system to keep your jewelry in great shape. For as much as I have spent on jewelry over the years, I don’t want to dedicate a lot of cash toward storing my belongings. This requires getting a bit creative, but it’s really not too hard!


With minimal effort and minimal expense, I worked these three techniques into my organizational scheme at home. I no longer lose small rings or earrings, my necklaces aren’t in knots, and all of my favorite accessories are easily accessed when I want them.


A lot of people will turn a drawer into a jewelry organizer, especially when they have a lot of baubles to store away. This is because it’s easy to buy inserts that can compartmentalize the interior of a drawer to fit exact specifications. Of course, drawers aren’t the only storage areas that can benefit from compartmentalization. In a beautiful, ornate wooden jewelry box that I use to store my earrings, I added small inserts to separate my daily earrings from my big statement diamond earrings, beaded bracelets from bangles, and rings separate from them all. At any size, the use of compartments is incredibly handy.

Wall Organizers

I like storing my necklaces in a way that shows them off in my home. Necklaces are my favorite pieces of jewelry to add as a form of expression to my outfit. I wear them often, so storing them in plain sight makes it easy to grab my choice for the day and get on my way. For necklaces, I can’t say enough good things about wall organizers. Simply hanging a small fixture on my wall saved me tremendous storage space, makes for a nice display, and keeps my favorite items from getting tangled and knotted together.

Keep Your Daily Stuff in Reach

While I love all of my jewelry, there are still only a few pieces that I wear on a daily or near-daily basis. If this is true for you too, then consider keeping your “standard” jewelry where you get ready in the morning. I use an old soap dish to store rings and earrings that I will likely wear again tomorrow in my bathroom, where I get ready in the morning. Necklaces can be hung over a bathroom mirror or a hook for your bath robe.


With these three tricks, I have transformed my formerly agitating and mis-matched jewelry storage into a functional and aesthetically pleasing storage system! How do you store YOUR jewelry?

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