3 Tips for Garage Organization – A Guest Post!

I’m thrilled to have Levi Mackintosh here on the blog today! Levi is the content manager for StorPro, LLC, and he’s got a fantastic topic to chat with us about: Garage Organization.

Now, some of you may remember my garage reveal a few months ago. If you’d like to see it, CLICK HERE. I thought it was pretty organized, myself. But Levi brings some very important suggestions to the table. Let’s check it out…

It has been proven that organization can save you time, money, and helps you become more efficient. It is a practice that can be applied in a variety of areas, but one area that is often overlooked is your garage space. According the U.S. department of Energy, 25 percent of families with two car garages cannot park any vehicles in the garage, and 32 percent can only park one car. To help avoid this problem, the following are tips and ideas to help you organize your garage.


Get it off the ground

One of the most important steps for organizing your garage is to keep items off the floor. This is a simple step with huge rewards. When storage and other items are above ground, they are less susceptible to damage by pests such as rodents and insects. In areas where flooding is more prevalent, having your items off the ground can save you a great deal of money from water damage. Lastly, if items are off the floor, tripping over bikes and toys will be a thing of the past!

Suggestions to solve this problem would be to install shelves, hooks, and other fastening accessories to the walls, which will make a world of a difference. When looking for systems to hang your items, be sure to find products with a high weight capacities, to assure your items will be securely hung. 


Utilize The Space You Already Have

Often times when space is limited, the thought is to get rid of items, or to expand to create more space. However, in almost every garage, there is excess space not being used. One area often overlooked is your overhead storage space. Shelving and overhead storage racks are a perfect solution to take advantage of the extra space. Placing your long-term, less used items overhead, and your frequently used items in easy to reach areas, helps maximize the space you already have. 


Seasonality Access

An extremely helpful practice is placing seasonal items closest to doors and other entrances. Storing tools such as rakes, shovels, blowers, and mowers near garage doors allows for easy access during their appropriate seasons. When this practice is applied, you will save time from rummaging through storage trying to find the tool you need. 

These few tips are provided to help start the process of organizing your life. When you are organized, you will save money, become more efficient, and have more time to spend with the ones you love. For more garage storage and organizational ideas, visit our local site for Sarasota residents, or our corporate site to find a dealer near you!

I can’t thank Levi enough for taking the time to offer some truly expert advice here for all of us! And I’ve already taken inventory of the overhead and wall space left in my garage for future items, that’s for sure. How about you? Do you have things you can get off the ground? Space you can utilize? Seasonal items that need re-arranging?

92 thoughts on “3 Tips for Garage Organization – A Guest Post!

  1. These are all great ideas. Our garage is a complete mess and honestly, there are so many bugs in there – I won’t even go in. I think my husband can make our garage his pet project this summer, though. These are awesome tips!

  2. Great stuff and extremely true! I’d still suggest sorting through the items you have in your garage. It’s pretty common to find some items that you’ve forgotten about or haven’t used in quite some time and by purging them from your space, you will discover that you don’t need to store as much… which leaves even more space for anything else you’ll need storage for. I have clients who utilize their garages as a multipurpose space. They run their business from home and every inch within their garage has to be used smartly. We have to be really creative:)

  3. Our FOUR, yes FOUR garage bays are pretty well organized no thanks to me. My husband works at a retail business and applies their stocking practices at home in our garages as if it was his work space. The largest problem I’m finding as we continue to age is having too much up in the rafters. I really need to find better ways to access these spaces as we ‘grow old’. Or more grandsons to come help. Those items are seasonal so only need access a few times a year thankfully. I would like to add more ‘hooks’ on the walls. Right now we use strong nails and they aren’t always as reliable. Great post.. and nothing like a clean work/storage space!! Now to get my husband to come ‘inside’ and relieve me of my disorganization!!

  4. As my husband and I have traveled through a LOT of neighborhoods in search of a new home, we have noticed that most people do indeed park their cars outside of the garage. With their garage doors open the inside is a mess! These are great tips, love getting it off the ground by creating a loft area.

  5. These are wonderful ideas. I know for a fact our garage needs a little TLC. My husband just kinda throws things everywhere..lol I am the one who brings the organization to the relationship and he keeps it up once I do it… well SOMETIMES! I will definitely keep this in mind this spring!

  6. These are awesome ideas! My garage currently looks like a war zone. One of my plans for Spring is to get in there and clean and organize the space. I like order, and right now I can barely stand the sight of the place. The idea of getting things off the floor and utilizing the overhead space makes total sense – don’t know why I hadn’t considered that before. Thanks for sharing this! Can’t wait until Spring!

  7. I live in an apartment. I am glad we don’t own a garage though my hubby would not have it looking as great and you have your garage. my hubby would have things here there and every where. we have a small storage area and a huge storage uniit to get organized do you do house calls ? lol

  8. I have been after my husband for years to help me organize our garage. We are now selling and moving to a new home and the next one will not look like the current one – we might actually get a car or two in it! I love those shelves to store things above your head.

  9. Awesome job reorganizing. Now I need you to come do mine. If you saw it though, you’d probably faint. It’s pretty bad!! We emptied out a storage unit into my garage. We have mazes of bins!

  10. these are such a good ideas! I really have been eyeing my friends with the ceiling storage in the garage and I think it is something that would be great for us!

  11. Those are really some great ideas. I’m going to have to get hubby to get some of the things we have on the floor off it. It would look so much better as well. Thanks for those tips Levi.

  12. We have a very organized garage but I love the idea of getting it off the ground. I am going to share this post with my husband and see if we can organize our garage just a little bit better.

  13. Youv’e got some nice ideas here. I just cleaned our garage out at the start of winter, but we could use some good organizing tools to keep it clean once summer rolls back around.

  14. We don’t have a garage, but if we did I would totally use this post. Instead I’m adding it to my favorites for when our new home is done, so I can curb clutter in our garage space. :0-)

  15. After this cold, terrible winter we had this year, I’m in dire need to get my garage organized. It’s on my summer “to-do” list, You really don’t want to see it now because I had to work magic just to get my husband’s car in there and out of the cold. I’ll have to refer back to this in the summer for inspiration.

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