3 Things to do When Housework Leaves You with a Backache

Doing housework isn’t always easy on your body, and many people who vacuum, mop, do dishes, and do their laundry often find that they end up with a backache when they’re all done. If you suffer from backache after doing housework, consider following some of the tips below in order to find some much-needed relief and feel like yourself again.


Try Orthopaedic Spinal Products

There are a variety of orthopaedic spinal products that you can use at home, but you should only invest those products that have been proven to work well and to provide you with safe results. A great option is the Spinal Back Rack back belt, which is really simple to use yet provides incredible results.

All you have to do is wear the back support belt and allow it to increase your mobility and flexibility while reducing your stiffness and pain, from your upper back to your lower back. As you move, you’ll notice that your muscles loosen and that your back pain starts to subside. And the best part is that you can get the relief that you need without having to take any harsh prescription medications that could cause unwanted side effects.

Make Changes to the Way That You Clean

Another step that you can take involves making some changes to the way that you clean your home. This could help prevent your backache before it even happens because you’ll be targeting the cause of the pain.

For example, when you mop or vacuum, make sure that you keep your shoulders and hips moving in the direction of the work, rather than twisting the back. Avoid bending at your waist as well, and instead use one foot to step forward and then slightly bend at the knee to keep the upper body upright.

Also, when you’re doing the dishes, you can open up one of the cabinet doors that are beneath your sink so that you can rest one of your feet inside. Keep your back in an upright position and squat down a bit so that you can reach the sink better and minimize bending at the waist.

When it comes to doing the laundry, reach for your clothes using your right hand and balance your body by lifting the left leg into the air. For additional support, you can put your left hand on a surface that’s nearby. If you end up reaching with the left hand, simply reverse directions. This will help to reduce the strain on the back muscles.

Apply Some Heat

Many people find that their backache can be relieved by simply applying some heat to the area where they are feeling the pain. Purchase a reusable heating pad that you can quickly warm up in your microwave and then lie down with it for a few minutes to get some relief after you do your chores.

By making some modifications to the way that you clean your home, and by taking a few simple steps to relieve your backache, you can prevent pain or at least reduce it with ease.

Do you ever have back pain when you’re doing housework? What’s your go-to solution?

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16 thoughts on “3 Things to do When Housework Leaves You with a Backache

  1. These are great tips. I know my back gets sore after cleaning all the bathrooms. I need to try using a heating pad.

  2. I don’t really get back aches from doing chores, but I do from holding the baby for too long. I like to take a bath, or do the heat pad if needed!

  3. I was so hoping the list would tell me to hire someone else to do it and watch reality tv. Since that’s not really an option, these tips are great reminders for making chores like of a pain.

  4. I suffer from back pain from degenerative disc disease and cleaning always seems to exacerbate it. These are great tips and it is so important to have good alignment when vacuuming or mopping.

  5. These are good tips and reminders to help us maintain good form. Of course, we could also pay/get someone else to do it. 😉

  6. I have back issues from an old dance injury so I have many ways I care for my back… Getting/paying others to help is always an option.

  7. I suffer after cleaning my house, I do have two heat pads. The one I like the best is call Pure Enrichment. I do not like taking medication.

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