3 Problems With Old Homes That Are Easy to Fix

I ADORE old homes.

I really do.

When we were in the market for a new house earlier this year, I won’t lie, I had a strong interest in several “vintage” homes in our city. They were actually historic homes – and I thought they were SO dreamy!

Like this one:


SWOON, right?!

Oh, could you see yourself relaxing on this porch?!


I totally could! How about having this Master Bedroom?!


And these wood floors and fireplace?!


At one point, we actually had our sights set on one of the oldest homes in our city. It needed quite a bit of TLC, but we thought, maybe, if we hired the right person to run the project, we could restore the whole thing beautifully!

Turned out that was NOT in the cards for us. We’re so happy where we ended up, but I still like to drive through the historic district and check out the homes available.

After all, old homes depict a vintage appearance that can captivate potential buyers. These homes may also have an established surrounding infrastructure and a large outdoor space. Even though they offer immeasurable benefits, they come with their fair share of problems. Discover some of the following problems with old homes that are easy to fix.

Plumbing Problems

Pipe failure is prone to either sub-standard or old plumbing systems. Pipe failure can also lead to floods that cause water damage in the house’s floors and walls. In serious scenarios, the house can become uninhabitable. Additionally, homeowners can spend much money to clean and repair damages.

Before you buy a home, ask the seller about whether the home’s plumbing system makes noises or has had issues. You should also know about the materials used to make the drain and supply pipes. For example, brass and copper pipes last for more than 50 years while steel pipes wear out after 20 years. On the other hand, PEX pipes last for 40 or 50 years.

You will need plumbing services to fix any plumbing problems in your older home. Look for a plumbing services company that offers a complete line of accessories, fixtures, and appliances. Additionally, you may want to consider products such as Everpure, which is essential for establishing water purification systems that are environmentally friendly for residential and commercial applications.

Roof Problems

Older homes often have deteriorating roofs, which present problems such as interior water damage and pest infestations. Some of the potential roof problems include crumbling roof cement, damaged shingles, and bowed gutters.

You should assess the roof’s condition before purchasing an older home. Alternatively, you can hire a roof inspector to check whether any damages exist on the roof. The lifespan of roofs is dependent on the installation quality, previous maintenance record, and local climate of the region. 

Mold and Mildew Damages

Older homes exposed to excessive moisture tend to develop mold and mildew problems over time. The problem gets exacerbated when the moisture readily seeps through leaky pipes and cracked foundations. Further, uncontrolled mold infestations cause allergies and respiratory issues in both adults and children.

Unchecked mold growth can lead to structural problems. Molds destroy their host surfaces, especially wood and drywall. As a result, a home can be either temporarily or permanently uninhabitable in severe cases of mold.

Fixing large mold infestation problems may be costly and difficult, especially if they occur in certain parts of the home such as attic areas. Prevention is the best method to solve mold and mildew infestation. You can buy an electric dehumidifier, for example, to treat a basement, an area which is prone to mold infestation.

Consider checking the features of an older home before purchasing to evaluate the cost of any necessary repairs. Older homes may have the perfect aura, but they could lack some important features such as properly maintained plumbing systems and proper roofing. But older homes can also maintain their beauty if you take time to make proper repairs.  

Do you have any experience with a historic home?! I’d love to hear about it! Maybe it’s still in the cards for us eventually…

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23 thoughts on “3 Problems With Old Homes That Are Easy to Fix

  1. I love the idea of moving into a historic home AFTER someone else has done all the hard work of renovation. LOL Older homes tend to have so much more charm and character than the cookie cutter homes we see everywhere today. #HomeMattersParty

  2. Vintage homes, they are beautiful. But, if you are in the market for one, it is wise to know what you are getting into. This is a great list for starters. It would definitely be beneficial to hire a good and thorough house inspector that is working solely for you and not the realtor or homeowner to check things out. Thanks for sharing at the #HomeMattersParty 🙂

    Life With Lorelai

  3. I love vintage homes.But onething I don’t like about them is unexpected expenses that come along.This is a great guide to overcome some of those expenses. #HomrMattersParty

  4. The most common problem I see especially in my neighbourhood, is that the house’s were built 60-70 years ago. Mold or water is able to get inside these homes because they weren’t insulated/the foundation wasn’t done properly back then.

  5. There’s certainly nothing wrong with buying an old home, sometimes it’s so much better to do so. There are old homes that have been maintained properly and just really need quick fixes. I think you’ve covered all of it!

  6. Not a problem to have a vintage home,It’s beautiful! Having a stained window glass, and even a vintage decors was perfect!

  7. I love the vibe of vintage homes, they kinda remind me of our ancestral home where I lived for nearly 18 years. I wouldn’t want to deal with the mold and mildew problems as much as possible, though. 🙂

  8. this is a tricky one, because older homes are really the ones with character, but they can have issues. you just have to be so careful when buying. these are helpful tips to keep in mine, though.

  9. Those houses are beautiful and very swoon worthy. I love them all, but I wouldn’t want to renovate them myself either. I always tell my husband I want to get the floor plans for a vintage style home and build a brand new one just so we could have the updated plumbing and no mold. It would be so expensive though. Thanks for sharing a great starter list for what to consider.

  10. It is so important to have a check list I believe when you are looking for a home especially a historical one. This house would be a dream house for me and I have always loved the historical houses. Mold can be a huge problem if not caught on time. It is important to keep up with the maintenance on a house after you buy it too. Thanks for sharing the information.

  11. I really love to live in an old vintage house. Love the peaceful and pleasant ambiance of it, Especially if there’s a beautiful view of nature. I really love it.

  12. These are exactly our problems in the old house we bought. It looks as if the author of this post is featuring our home HAHA! But don’t get me wrong, I love the vintage style. Mine’s a little classic also and I so love it!

  13. I love old houses because of their classic and vintage styles but I don’t love the reality of these issues stated above. But what do we expect? Even new houses have issues, what more are the time-tested ones? Professional maintenance service and home repair are just what you need to get rid of these problems and have a cozy home!

  14. We’ve worked with clients who bought old houses and these problems are really part of the issue. However, you can always solve them with small renovations and professional maintenance service 🙂 Old and vintage styles houses are truly amazing when given the right makeover.

  15. My parent’s home is a vintage house and I’ve never been so peaceful staying there. I really love the classic atmosphere. We don’t usually experience these issues because of regular home service my parents schedule twice a year. 🙂

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