3 Coming Home Outfit Ideas for Baby

One of the best parts of packing a bag for baby’s hospital stay is the brand new outfits you have ready for him to show off. If it’s a boy, you’ve probably chosen his onesie and matching cap to bring him home in. If it’s a girl, you probably have a cute knotted baby gown and bow already picked out for her. If you’re still undecided on what to bring your little one home in, here are a few favorites all moms seem to love.

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Personalized Onesie

If you’d like your baby to show off that awesome new name, what better way than with a monogrammed onesie? To complete the outfit, you can add a matching cap that has their full name spelled out. Or you may want something more versatile. A simple bib that matches their outfit with their name embroidered could be a better choice . Now you can take pictures with and without baby’s name being shown. For a final touch, add an embroidered swaddle blanket for that final pop. If it’s a girl, you can also get her bow personalized. It all depends on how many items you’d like to customize. Keep in mind that most of these orders take some time. So if you really have your heart set on some of these, be sure to order ahead. 

Knotted baby gowns

If a personalized onesie isn’t for you because you haven’t decided on a name, or don’t want to find out the gender until baby arrives, or if you just don’t have time to place a custom order, an organic knotted baby gown at Sandstone Avenue would be a perfect choice as a coming home outfit. A gender-neutral color like an ivory, sand, or oatmeal color are all perfect choices for your little prince or princess. If you still want the personalized element for pictures, order a birth announcement that you can fill in once baby arrives. Just make sure to pack a marker. 

Designer outfit

For the most fashionable baby and mama, a designer onesie made by Gucci, Burberry, or Moschino will set the bar high for their future wardrobe. Some of these higher-end designers will allow you to customize onesies with a monogram. There are matching caps and blankets available for purchase to complete the look. If these designers are too high priced,Ralph Lauren is more affordable but still allows your baby to have a brand name. Outlets are another great way to shop for great designer baby clothing  without breaking the bank. 

No matter what outfit you decide for baby, make sure to pack a couple of sizes. Sometimes babies are smaller than expected, especially when mom is induced earlier. Preemie clothes may fit better. Other times, baby weighs more . In that case, a newborn size will fit perfectly. Pack for both scenarios so you are ready. 

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