17 Apps for a Digital Spring Cleaning (Part 1)

One of my friends emailed me the other day with 17 apps that can be used for doing a “digital” Spring Cleaning! I wanted to share with you all. You may only use one or two of these, but there are some great ones here, that’s for sure! And since 17 apps is a LOT…I’m breaking it down. Part II will be on Monday!


If you have INBOX CLUTTER…use “Shopilly”
Shopilly is an uber-handy tool that extracts all the marketing emails clogging up your inbox and arranges them in a Pinterest-style board for virtual window shopping.

If you have lots of PHOTOS…use “Trovebox”
Your digital photo collection spans Flickr, Instagram, Facebook, and about five other sites. Trovebox collects all your photos into one big album and stores it in the cloud.

If you have used GADGETS…use “Gazelle”
Old phones taking up space in your junk drawer? Gazelle pays for your used gadgets in the simpliest way possible. It even covers shipping and sends you the box.

If you need a MANAGEABLE SCHEDULE…use “Agenda”
A manageable schedule starts with a clean calendar. Agenda for iPhone, iPad, and Android makes it feel like you’re using a simple paper calendar — one with serious digital prowess.

If you need to keep track of ATTACHMENTS…use “Attachments.me”
10,000 emails and you’re supposed to find a photo attachment from two years ago? Try Attachments.me for Gmail, which catalogs everything you’ve sent and received for lightening quick searching.

If you’ve got JUNK MAIL issues…use “PaperKarma”
The only thing worse that junk email is junk real mail. PaperKarma for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone allows you to unsubscribe from all forms of physical junk mail by simply taking a picture of it.

If you need to organize your CONTACTS…use “CoBook” or “Contacts+”
Updating your address book is a time-honored spring cleaning tradition. Luckily, doing so on your phone only requires an app like Cobook (iPhone) or Contacts+ (Android), which turbo boosts your contacts with everything from photos to Twitter handles.

If you need to update your ACTUAL ADDRESS BOOK…use “Postable”
The easiest way to update your actual address book? Make others do it for you. Postable generates a custom link to send to select friends allowing them to update their entry in your address book.

If you need to CLEAN YOUR COMPUTER…use “CleanMyMac” or “CleanMyPC”
The great, unspoken mess in your digital life: your computer. These two tools – CleanMyMac2 and  CleanMyPC – automatically and intuitively clean your cache, trash, and other pesky system slowdowns.

Aren’t these awesome?! Check back in Monday for the others! And from what I can tell, they originally came from Netted. Great stuff!!!

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