10 Ways to Stuff Your Christmas Ornaments!

So, how’s it looking at your house these days? Tree up? Decorations about? Presents arranged? This is one of my favorite times of year! And I think one aspect of this time of year that I especially love is the Christmas ornaments. Sure, we have some that are just there for proper color and theme and style…but there are important keepsakes hanging on those tree branches, too! It’s a great way to display and even protect the little things that mean so much. Which is why I love the idea of “stuffing” an ornament!

You know those clear ball ornaments that you can purchase from your local craft store? That’s what I’m talking about! And I’m seeing LOTS of ways you can use them in your Christmas decor, too! Check out these ideas…

Stuff with Your Wedding Invitation


I pinned this Christmas ornament idea from Christy over at ChristyRobbins, and I actually made two of these for our tree myself! One with the invitation for our wedding and one with the invitation for our reception!

Stuff with Flowers


I pinned this one from Meghan over at SimplyStoked – aren’t they cute?! These the Christmas ornaments are glued to a mirror with the lids taken off and flowers inserted into the tops! 

Stuff with Your Wedding Bouquet


I pinned this from Susie over at ShopRuche and I LOVE the idea for these Christmas ornaments! Now I’m wondering what ever happened to MY bouquet! 

Stuff with Jute


Or Baker’s Twine or string or yarn…anything along those lines! I pinned this from Carlene over at Organized Clutter, and I love how creative you could be with this Christmas ornament idea!

Stuff with Hot Cocoa


Or lots of other kinds of food (that won’t grow mold inside Christmas ornaments, of course!) I pinned this from Rachel over at Bubbly Nature Creations, and I think they would look great on a tree or as a gift!

Stuff with Tassels


I pinned this from one of my faves Karen over at Sew Many Ways! I don’t even know where my tassels are, but this is a great way to preserve them!

Stuff with Music


I pinned this from Tammy over at My Life Abundant, and it’s one of my faves! Love that you can read the words to the song so clearly!

Stuff with The Beach


Or with the lake or the mountains – wherever your travels take you! Pinned this one from the lovely Rachel over at The Evolution of Mom.

Stuff with Tin


I pinned this from Katie over at The Crafty Blog Stalker. It’s perfect for the soda-lover in your life! And I’ll bet the sound it makes is AWESOME.

Stuff with Snow


Pinned this from Jocelyn over at DisplacedYinzer. it IS Christmas time, after all. Why not snow it all up?!

So now, the REAL question is, if I gave YOU a clear ball ornament…what would YOU stuff in it?!

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  1. I love each and every one of these! I think it’s even more special when you make your own ornaments like this 🙂

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