10 Surprising Things You Can Make With Your Panini Press & Waffle Iron

I used my waffle iron once. And then I threw it out.

Maybe it was a newlywed thing. Maybe the expectations were too high. Maybe I forgot to spray with with a non-stick substance, and the thought of having to clean all of those little indentations boggled my brain…and the waffles weren’t just that great. Who can tell?

However, of late, I’ve been noticing a few different things around the interwebs that can be done with a waffle iron. Interesting things. Things that don’t look too hard or messy…but are still creative. And yummy. Very yummy.


So when Aria from Part Select contacted me to see if I was interested in an infographic regarding creative uses for panini presses and waffle irons. And now I think I need a waffle iron again. And perhaps a panini press, as well. Here’s why…

Source: PartSelect.com

And look, this lovely infographic even tells us how to clean the appliances! Somewhere I hear angels singing…I needed this a few years ago!

So what do YOU use YOUR waffle iron for? Or your panini press? Do share!

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18 thoughts on “10 Surprising Things You Can Make With Your Panini Press & Waffle Iron

  1. These are all really awesome ideas using your panini press and waffle iron! We’ve done the cinnamon rolls this way before, but none of the others. Can’t wait to try them!

  2. I don’t have a panini press or waffle iron. I can see I am missing out and might need to ask for one or both for Christmas. What a great info-graph with so many awesome ideas.

  3. First off, these are very interesting! Chocolate chip cookies in a waffle iron? Who knew?!!! I’ll have to try this one to see how it turns out. And what is a falafel – I have not heard of it before.

    I agree, waffle irons are not fun to clean. Especially if you get batter on the outside of the iron (the rim)…It is so hard to clean out once it sticks to the iron. I keep mine, because my kids love waffles and they come in handy when you really need a waffle.

  4. I did the same thing! I used my waffle iron a couple of times and then it was donated. I thought it took up way too much room. After seeing all the delish things I could be making with my waffle iron, I’m rethinking that long ago decision. Also, I’m sure waffle irons have come a long way since then. Now that I know how to properly clean one, a new waffle iron may be in my future.

  5. I am a big fan of creating my own panini at home. This is because I actually enjoy the process of putting my sandwiches together and cooking them. Best of all, there are lots of places to get inspiration from including cafes, sandwich shops, recipe books, and websites. So thinking of what to make is not really a problem at all. Sometimes I simply buy a sandwich from a nearby store and then toast it when I get home. Then if it is one that I really enjoy, I add it to my list of favorites that I make myself.

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