10 Must-Know DIY Carpet Cleaning Secrets & Tips

We don’t have too much carpet in our home. As a matter of fact, the only carpet you’ll find is in our closets. And in only three of our closets, at that! But I have many friends (and, yes, many readers) who still struggle with their carpet – mainly with keeping it CLEAN. 

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So when Chris from Foam Frenzy contacted me about doing a post on DIY carpet cleaning secrets and tips, well, I was all about it! Check out his ideas!


I especially  like the “do not clean yourself into a corner” advice! I’ve done that a few times myself!

What’s your best tip for getting your carpet clean?

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22 thoughts on “10 Must-Know DIY Carpet Cleaning Secrets & Tips

  1. When it comes to carpets, no matter how often they are clean, I feel like I need to do it over again. It is amazing how dirty they can become in a matter of minutes.

  2. These are all great tips! I have also cleaned myself into a corner and it was not a nice experience for me! I make sure I clean my carpet regularly. Dust mites can give rise to bigger problems.

  3. Wow I had no idea most of this! How interesting. We have a carpet in our living room only and I am cleaning it constantly but had no idea Norwalk or anything could live in them! ick

  4. Wow, it’s scary to think that the stomach flu virus can stay in carpets for so long! Thanks for sharing these cleaning tips, I’ll have to use them when I clean my rug the next time around.

  5. All of the things that you’ve mentioned are true. You can also have a DIY carpet cleaning tips like using baking soda. This has got to be the easiest and fast solutions just to bounce your carpet back, sprinkle into carpet leave a couple of minutes and vacuum back up. Not too much about a tablespoon in the average lounge room. Works really well. But if any of these tips wont work I still suggest to get a help from a carpet cleaning expert to retain the quality of your carpet.

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  6. Hot water extractions do seem like a good thing to try if you have really stained carpets. My home is a bit of a fixer upper and it would be nice to have clean carpets. I wonder how long that process takes.

  7. These are very good tips. Another secret tip that I would like to add is cleaning carpet with vinegar. Its natural and works really well as a cleaning agent on certain things not just on carpets. Just don’t mind its smell.

  8. Training your pets is definitely a good start to having clean carpets but it’s nice to have a good cleaning method in the back of your mind just in case. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Great info-graphic, got a lot of information from it. I was out for a week but when I came back I was a black stain on my carpet. Guests were on the way so I could not call for professional help, hence I used your technique of using a hard bristled brush with just carpet shampoo and warm water. This not only removed the stain efficiently in a minute but also saved me the embarrassment of showcasing a dirty carpet in front of my guests.

  10. Thank you for a great infographic. A note about pets, if they happen to stain the carpet with urine… it’s likely that you will have to go to the padding of the carpet since the stain is retained there. Also, great point on not over watering the carpet, it will create a nasty smell and can become moldy.


  11. I like the tip to begin carpet cleaning at the farthest point from the doorway and work back toward it. My carpet saw a lot of stains from last week when the entire family started to throw up, and I would like to get it taken care of. Perhaps it would be a good idea to call a professional to help me out in this situation.

  12. Great Job! Your blog is so informative for me.You share some beneficial tips I really like it.It also provides the personal satisfaction of undergoing and completing a creative project. Keep it up Admin.

  13. I like your infographics. Very cool designs and great info. Did you use piktochart? BTW, I totally agree with you when it comes to vacuuming the carpet. It may seem as though you are getting rid of all of the potential allergens and bacteria when you regularly vacuum your carpets.

  14. Thanks for sharing carpet cleaning tips and secret in the form of visual and text i.e. infographic. I love to read and it is the easiest way to express and attract readers towards your blog.

  15. I’m glad you commented on patch testing solutions. I’ve tried a couple over the years and they’ve actually damaged the carpets. It’s SO important to patch test on a hidden area of the carpet before trying to take out the stain in the openly viewed area.

  16. I liked that you pointed out that it would be smart to not get the carpet to wet. It does seem like it would destroy the carpets under layers. I wonder how hard it is to replace the carpet sponge.

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