10 DIY Tips for Restoring Your Home – A Guest Post!

Well, welcome to another Monday!

I have a question: did you watch any TV this weekend? I watched a bit. And normally, when I’m watching TV over the weekend, it’s all things HGTV. LOVE. IT.

There are so many shows on that channel that show you how to do amazing things around your home, but I feel pretty inadequate, nonetheless. So when Dorise Vanderburg contacted me to see if i was interested in publishing a post full of tips for restoring your home, I was all about it! Let’s see what she’s got for us!

Having a well-maintained house is everyone’s dream, but it’s a very difficult task as it requires skills and a lot of money to perform restoration. Having your home restored by a professional restorer can cost you much higher than your expectations. You can try to restore your home yourself, but as it demands safety it’s recommended to do some research to do it right with full perfection and precautions. 

Here are 10 DIY tips for restoring your home:

1. You can start restoration from your walls in. If your walls are not so old and do not need to be rebuilt, you can repair your walls yourself by filling up cracks. For this, all you need is a little skill and the right material.

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 9.08.20 PM

2. Painting your walls by yourself is a good idea, as it gives you a chance to show some creativity. It’s better to use good quality paint and rollers for obtaining fine finish. To paint like a professional, first paint cuts in the lines of the walls and then move on to the rest of walls.

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3. For your home restoration, changing your furniture can be another aspect. You should go for the furniture that will occupy minimum space and suits your home in the manner of style. Opting for wooden accent furniture for interior and aluminium or plastic furniture for outdoor is the best choice, considering the weather constraints.

4. You can also repair your roof on your own. Fill up cracks, nailed or drilled holes, and water leakages by cement or POP. For wooden roofs, you can nail new wooden shingles by yourself. While doing all this, do remember to make proper arrangements for your safety.

5. Changing and repairing windows may sound an easy-to-do task, but it requires some skill. Polishing wooden windows will bring a new shine to them, but before starting to polish make sure to do a termite treatment for them. Put on some termite killer on the windows and then proceed with polishing. Change the window glasses as well to give them a whole new look.

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6. Painting or polishing the doors will add a new life to them. If you are bored from your old doors you can change your doors just by unbolting them from the frame and again bolting new door to the frame.

7. For restoring the bathroom, clean the bathroom tiles and the bathtub. For floor tiles use some cleaning agent and apply it using foam or soft cloth.  For refurnishing the bathtub, first remove the enamel of the tub using sand paper and then repaint it with the color of your choice.

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8. For kitchen restoration, do change all the racks and clean the drawers. Paint the ceiling, walls or clean the kitchen tiles with help of high quality cleaners.

9. Changing the interior decors will give a new look to your home. Do install new lights, lamps and wall gloves. This will enhance the ambience of the indoor area.

10. Another step is restoration of a floor and for that, the best thing to do is to clean it using non-abrasive cleaners or some cleaning agents. Don’t ever use scrubbers, as by doing so you may end up with a scratchy floor.

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 9.13.44 PM

All of the above mentioned tips are easily doable and by properly following these, you can achieve great results. 

Thanks, Dorise! I like that some of her suggestions are smaller things – for instance, what if you were tired of your doors, like she said? Why not go through and change all of the doorknobs? Fresh new look quickly and painlessly! 

What do you think? When you’re feeling bored around your house, what is your favorite way to change things up?

Due to the amount of comments from all of my wonderful readers, it is not always possible for me to respond to each one. However, I absolutely do read them all, and if you’d like to address something specific, or have a question for me, please don’t hesitate to email me at Kristen@theroadtodomestication.com. I will respond to your email as soon as possible! Thank you for visiting the blog!

8 thoughts on “10 DIY Tips for Restoring Your Home – A Guest Post!

  1. I actually love to paint (except for the tedious trim work) and I’ve painted most of my walls myself. My dining room walls have been red for a while and as soon as it warms up a bit, I’m changing the color scheme. When it’s cold, paint takes longer to dry. And I’m looking through my HGTV mags to find a paint color for the front door. It’s red, too.

  2. Kristen, I love all these tips! By the way, several of your photos didn’t load. I don’t know if it’s a my-computer thing or your-computer thing, but I thought you’d want to know.

    • Thank you for that heads up, Amy! I often fight a battle between using a large image for quality and compressing the image for quicker loading. Still trying to find that sweet spot 🙁

  3. All good tips. There is no end to working on a house. It should always be fun to be constantly keeping things up and redecorating but sometimes it can be a bit of a challenge. We have done quite of few of these tips in the last 15 years in our home with several more on the list. We look forward to our home projects.
    My husband like to rearrange the furniture when he gets bored with the way the house looks.

  4. I like her tips – In fact, hubby and I are just looking at all the stuff around the house that could use some updating! Painting the baby’s room ourselves today -we will see how it turns out:)

  5. Great tips! Thanks for sharing at the Bloggers Brags Party this week. I’m pinning this to the Bloggers Brags board on Pinterest. Be sure to come back again this week!

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