10 Back-to-School Photo Ideas

One of my favorite times of the year is when my news feed starts to fill with pics of kids headed back to school! Love it! And those who know me here know that I run a photography business on the side, so yeah, maybe I’m a little partial to pics, but there’s nothing wrong with that…right? I think not! So, with that in mind, here are 10 Back-to-School photo ideas that I’ve come across recently!

For more than one kid {VIA}

I like this one because it contrasts the kids against each other – and it’s no too fru-fru for your “cool” junior high-ers!


Use what you have {VIA}

Hello?! Driveway and chalk! Anyone can do this one, and it’s SO cute!



Remembering the little things {VIA}

I really adore this idea, because it captures SO MUCH of the child! Great to look back on as the years go by!


Don’t forget Dad {VIA}

Lots of times, mommas do the back-to-school honors. Don’t forget about capturing some moments with dad!


Looking towards the future {VIA}

This may be further ahead than some of you want to look, but it’s still a super cute photo idea!


At the school {VIA}

A very a-typical photo AT the school. So peaceful and serene!


Chalkboard {VIA}

Chalk boards are pretty “in” for photo shoots these days…but since they started out as a school tool, might as well use ’em!


With the entire family {VIA}

Okay, that’s just funny. I don’t care who you are. And you know it’s the truth!


Don’t forget the candids {VIA}

If that won’t make you tear up then I don’t know what will!


Book a session {VIA}

If your kids love photos and you know a good photographer, why not book a back-to-school session?


So what about YOU? What kind of pics do you take of your kids on the first day of school?

89 thoughts on “10 Back-to-School Photo Ideas

  1. My favorite is the parent celebrating as the children get on the bus! I know that is right! My daughter has 5, all in school now. She feels liberated when school starts back, not that summer isn’t great to have them all home but, well , you know!
    These are all cute ideas!

  2. I love these in so many ways! My favorite at the last shots.. so beautiful! I need to do one of the above ones and get all creative. I normally just do a standard and boring one. This years goal is to do a creative one.

  3. I love these pictures they are all so adorable. The little girl in the brown boots and dress twirling her skirt but I loved the parents celebrating the school but, we have all been there!

  4. Oh my goodness these are precious!!! I love the parents high fiveing it! LOL! I haven’t laughed so hard like that in a long time! such greatideas!

  5. Love the chalk driveway idea. 🙂 I always took pics at home before we left for school and the again when we arrived on campus. The school had a beautiful rose garden and they would always sit on the same bench for the picture. It was fun to see the changes as the years went by.

    • Oh, what a sweet spot for pics, Lorelai! You can watch the roses and the kids grow at the same time!

  6. So cute. My oldest son is supposed to get senior photos done this year. He does not want to do it because he wants to be allowed to be himself and have a personality. He hates staged photos, maybe I will get him to do something like this instead.

    • Jennifer, I do lots of senior photo shoots with unwilling subjects LOL I’ll bet if he has a hand in planning it he’ll find that it wasn’t all that bad!

  7. These are amazing ideas! My mom gave me a scrapbook that included photos of me getting on and off the bus on my first day of kindergarten. I love it. (And I’d love to do something similar with my son.)

  8. Adorbs!!! I love them all! I am not sure which one I love better. I will have to ask my kids which one to do for their first day of school. Thanks for sharing these amazing photos!

  9. Oh, I love all of these! I wish I had started doing these when my kids were in preschool. Of course, they’ve both graduated college now so I’ll have to wait until I have grandkids! 🙂

  10. Those are all so great! The bus doesn’t stop in front of our house so we drive our girls in. I would love a shot of them with the bus though. And yes, that last one is so true, it’s hilarious!

  11. Excellent ideas. Love them all. I wish I would have followed through and taken a picture every year with my kids. We did the first 4 or five years and then stopped. I do have all of the school pictures from each year.

  12. Wow, you’ve got some nice pictures here. It’s hard to pick a favorite. I do like the ones a lot where the kids are expressing what occupation they like. 🙂

  13. These are all such great ideas! My little one starts preschool in the fall and I will definitely be taking a LOT of photos! 🙂

  14. I love these! School starts on Tuesday for my oldest & then Friday for my kindergartener. Looks like i better decide on which idea to do soon!

  15. With my daughter starting Kindergarten tomorrow, I am loving that you did this post. I am thinking we’ll do the chalk board photo, but can’t decide if I want to do it in front of our house or at the school. There will probably be way too many people at the school to snap a photo, so I should probably do it at home before we leave. I love all these options and wish my husband could go with us!

    • Yes, I’d say the house, too! You could always take a pic of your daughter showing your hubby what she did on her first day of school when he gets home!

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