Tray Chic – with One Kings Lane!

It’s no secret that I LOVE organization. Organization of all kinds, really. But I especially love to contain or corral things. In my mind, sometimes “clutter” can be corralled in a beautiful way! With, for instance: a tray.

A tray for all your kitchen soaps and vinegars and oils.

A tray for all your lotions and powders and scents.
Trays for organizing papers, accessories and office supplies. 
Just looking at those lovely photos makes me want to clap my hands! Eeeeekkk!!! So much pretty and functional organization!
So when One Kings Lane contacted me and asked me to do a post on TRAYS, I was all about it!I blitzed over to their website to pick a few faves…and apparently, I have a particular tray that I lean towards…

Product_JIM11905_Image_1I know the last photo may be more of pedestal example than a tray example. But isn’t a pedestal still a tray?! Why YES, I would say so!
I took a look around my home to see what trays I had in use and what I was using them for, and I discovered that this is my most-used tray:
It sits on the coffee table in the living room, and it’s used for purely decorative purposes, and I change it up when I feel the need for something different!
This is my favorite tray at our house, because it was handmade for our housewarming gift by a dear friend:
I also keep this tray in the guest bedroom! When we have company, these items are up for grabs, and I add things like snacks and water bottles, too!
Then I have my fancy trays…
…and my seasonal trays…
…and, since we live in Florida, my Florida trays!
And believe it or not, I actually have a very BIG tray project in the works! I haven’t quite decided what I want to do with these:
If you want to see some of my ideas, feel free to visit my Pinterest Board on the subject, by CLICKING HERE!
So what about you? How can trays help you out in YOUR home? 
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8 thoughts on “Tray Chic – with One Kings Lane!

  1. Kristen, sorry I haven’t been on here commenting lately. I feel like a chicken with its head chopped off, trying to keep up with blogging, answering comments, posting to Linky parties…
    However do You find time to do all you do?? I’ll never know. I know you have a lot more energy, and oomph than I do!
    Lovely post, as always. I need some tray help!

  2. So timly. I was just going through my home over the weekend and even this morning trying to round up trays to store kitchen items like you mentioned. Glad I am not the only one thinking this way!

  3. OOO I love all the silver. I am very interested in what you will do with it all. Trays are so great to coral items and make it look decerative at the same time.

  4. I’m a tray fanatic! I have to stop myself from buying them constantly. I have one beside the stove to hold all the spices, oils and vinegar, etc. that I use on a regular basis. All of the trays you showcased are lovely, just like you!

  5. Oh, I love trays too! And, I have some old tarnished silver trays that need a project as well. I really love the wood tray with the floral bottom…so pretty. Thanks for sharing with #HomeMattersParty and for being an awesome host and partner-in-party! Have a wonderful weekend. 🙂

    Life With Lorelai

  6. What an amazing collection of tray and silver! Can’t wait to see what you have in mind for them. I’m finding my trays end up corralling all the kids toy-bits: wayward Lego pieces, Barbie shoes, puzzle pieces, crayons… Sigh. Maybe that’s there purpose in life, at least for now!

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