Top Container Store Picks for Spring!

My adoration for The Container Store is no surprise to anyone who reads this blog. When I received their Project Spring Organization catalog in the mail the other day, I was so excited about the sale that I decided I HAD to share my top five picks! Each of the following items are organizational items that I have never seen before, so I’m hoping none of you have, either! Check them out!

1. Quilted Handbag Shapers – I’ve seen shapers for boots, but not handbags! Especially pretty ones like this! For any special purses you’ve got that you don’t want squished, what a fantastic option!



2. Hide ‘n’ Sink Undersink Caddy – Being that there was just a post here on the blog on bathroom organization, this caught my eye! Perfect for the inside of any cabinet door, really, not just in the bathroom…but what a great spot for the daily items! (They have different shapes and sizes, too!)



3. Platform Turntable – Okay, I’ve seen the regular turntables,  but never a platform one! This is genius, because if you try to fill the whole turntable, it’s always hard to see what the stuff in the middle is! This solves that problem!



4. Corner Cabinet Organizer – Again, I’ve seen these in rectangular form, but never made to fit in the corner! In those hard-to-utilize corners! Absolutely fantastic!



5. Stationary Upright Sweep Set – Once again, I’ve seen the sweep sets, but never one where the dustpan stands alone and you don’t have to use a hand to steady it! (Maybe I just don’t sweep enough, ha!) Seems like a great time-saver to me!



Definitely head over to The Container Store‘s website and check them out if you haven’t! I promise, you’ll find just what you need to organize that difficult spot in your home! (No, I am not an ambassador for The Container Store, and no, this is not a sponsored post, I just love them that much!)

What do you think of my picks?

48 thoughts on “Top Container Store Picks for Spring!

  1. Stationary Upright Sweep Set–I need that like yesterday!! There is a Container Store near me and I will be popping in there to get one of these. I di love the Container store!

  2. Love the Hide ‘n’ Sink Undersink Caddy. I always struggle to find a spot for my hair drier. That would be the perfect solution. Great picks!

  3. That corner cabinet thing is really neat! I need one (or 10!) of those. I have never heard of The Container Store. I am going to go check them out now!

  4. I love the corner cabinet organizer! I feel like I always have so much wasted space in the corners of my cabinets! I love the container store too. <3

  5. I need the Stationary Upright Sweep Set in my life! I am constantly bending over to try to sweep it in the dust pan, so this would save me some back pain.

  6. NEVER been to the container store.. Good thing, cause I’d probably need a container to put my containers in because they all look so wonderfully useful! I’m especially liking the turntable with the center raised. I was thinking of all the uses my mom made for turntables as a kid including using them to decorate cakes. This would be a blast for cupcakes or appetizers. I can also see it for showing off a collection of pretty glass bottles like old perfume bottles, crystal cut bottles, colored ones too… all filled with one stem of your favorite flower! (who’s the designer now? lol!!!) <3

  7. These look like great tools!1 My problem with all these organizational items is that I buy them and then go buy stiff to fill them. Not the point of them I don’t think. :p

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