A Blueprint for a Wheelchair-Accessible Home – A Guest Post!

Last year I had a friend who moved her elderly father-in-law into her home with her, her husband and her two small children. I thought it was so amazing – she literally stopped her life, re-arranged it and then started everything back up again so she could care for this special member of her family. Beautiful.

Although he is elderly, he gets around quite well, and she didn’t really have to make much of the house otherwise accessible for him, but I got to thinking: if he had been wheelchair-bound, she would have had to do SO much more to her actual home in order to make him comfortable!

So when Tate Handy with Home Access Products contacted me and wondered if I might be interested in publishing an info-graphic demonstrating how to make your home wheelchair accessible, I thought it was a great idea! We all work so hard to make sure our homes are welcoming to those who enter – this takes it one step further! Let’s see what Tate has to say…

digital visualization of a wheelchair

When you’re planning the details of your home, you’ve probably already considered things like color schemes, throw pillows, and window treatments – but have you considered whether or not your home is wheelchair accessible?

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