Tips to DIY Marble Care

As I was scrubbing down our tile shower in our Master Bathroom a couple days ago, I found myself daydreaming about a marble shower for just a moment. Think of how lovely it would look! Think of how much easier it would be to clean!

But then, I wasn’t so sure. After all, there is NO marble in our home whatsoever. Even though I love the look of it, I had to admit to myself that, even if I had some of it installed…I still wouldn’t know how to clean and care for it!

Enter Owen Franklin from TheMarbleCleaner, asking me if I’d like to publish his article detailing DIY tips for caring for marble! Excellent timing, Owen! Let’s see what ideas he has for us, shall we?

For many, marble is seen as one of the most beautiful home accents you can add to your home. Not only will it brighten a room like no other stone, it will also add value to your home that does not degrade with time. However, many homeowners choose not to use marble because without the right tips and training marble can be very difficult to keep clean and looking new. But do not worry; this article will give you some awesome tips to clean and maintain your marble surfaces, and how to do it with supplies you already have around the house!

Clyde Hill Modern Farm House

Keep your marble looking new!  

The most important thing a marble owner can do is to be diligent and always clean their surfaces after use. As the Marble Institute of America says, “If a homeowner cleans their countertops after each meal, they will rarely, if ever, have staining or clean-ability issues.”

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Solutions to Treat the High-Traffic Areas of Your Carpet – A Guest Post!

You may have read a post or two before from me, noting that the only places in our current home that are covered in carpet are three closets. (Well, we have large area rugs, but actual carpet is only in three closets.) One of those closets being our master bedroom walk-in. It’s a pretty large closet, and it’s also the favorite spot of CoCo the black kitty.

When we first brought CoCo to this house, she was terrified, because she didn’t know what was happening and she didn’t know where she was. The first place she went was into the closet, because, by the time we got her to the house, we already had some of our clothes in the closet. I think she could smell our scent on them, and it was comforting to her.

She has loved that closet ever since. Especially when she’s scared. She’ll head for the closet in a heartbeat.

When we brought home Taffy the white doggy, CoCo started spending even more time in that closet. We realized it was a safe place for her, so we bought a little pet gate and we keep that at the closet door, and even started keeping her food and water in there, so Taffy couldn’t get to it.

I say all that to say this: even though we don’t have much carpet at our home, there is a LOT of traffic that happens on the carpet that’s in the Master Bedroom closet…and it was looking a little dingy.

However, blogger Pheeby Snow sent me a post to publish that will help my dingy Master Bedroom closet carpet…and any carpet you may have around your home, too! Let’s check out what she has to say!


Properly-chosen carpets can create a pleasant atmosphere in your home, and all the interior designers pay a considerable amount of attention to them. But after the initial excitement of the fresh new carpet comes the more difficult part – its maintenance.

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