Glass or Curtain? Which is the Perfect Partner for Your Shower/Bath Combo?

One of the things on our list to get done before the babies arrive is to tear the glass doors off of our shower bath combo in the guest bathroom. Since that will be the babies’ bathroom, we thought it would become pretty difficult pretty quickly to navigate those doors when trying to bathe little ones.

I’m really not sure what the previous owners were thinking when they installed those glass doors in the guest bathroom and NOT in the Master Bathroom, which features a very large step-down-into-it shower. We checked prices on having glass doors installed there and are looking at about $5k, so you can imagine that went out the window pretty quickly!  

So when Christopher Austin sent me this post full of ways to distinguish what would work best for each option, I figured there must be more folks out there who have the same issue! Maybe this will help YOU!

Most people’s idea of a perfect bathroom will probably include a separate bath and shower.  Not only does this mean both items can be used at the same time but it also means you can have a luxury spa style shower. However, in reality many houses do not have enough space for both and you are left with a shower-bath combo. This is a practical solution but leaves you wondering whether to have a shower curtain or a glass screen. Your decision will be based on your personal preferences but the following may help you to decide:



A shower curtain flows with a room and has a softer appeal. If you use the right curtain it can add a luxury element to your bathroom and prevent it from becoming too like a hotel room, or even a hospital! It can also serve to heighten the room as it can be hung from ceiling to floor, making the bath appear rather grand. You must remember to have the curtain in the bath when showering; if you do not you may find your bathroom has turned into a pool!

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