5 Healthy School Lunch Box Foods Kids Actually Love

We’ve been trying out a variety of new foods for the twins, since they’re now 14 months and open to eating just about anything. But it’s a whole new world for them…and for me! I try to keep things well-rounded, healthy, and tasty. All of that without unknowingly inciting a 1-year-old temper tantrum! HA! 

It got me thinking: I wonder if it gets easier or harder to feed kids as they get older? I mean if your kids are in school, and you’re running low on ideas for how to pack healthy school lunch box foods they actually love, what do you do? And if your kids are picky eaters, you can understand why packing a school lunch is becoming cumbersome. You’re at that point where you’re looking for some fun, new ideas, right?

Consider the following five healthy school lunch foods your kids will love!


Creatively Cut Foods

You don’t have to be super creative to have fun with food. A cookie cutter in the shape of your child’s favorite cartoon character or animal will do the trick. Some star shapes or hearts can help accent your masterpiece, and your child’s lunch sandwiches or snacks will be far from boring.

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Van’s Back to School Giveaway – with Joy Bauer!

Please Note: This giveaway was facilitated by Van’s Foods. I was not compensated for this post but did receive free product samples and all opinions are my own.

Well, are you back to school yet? About half of us around here went back to school earlier this week, and the rest will hit the books bright and early Monday morning! Woot woot! And along those lines, I am SO excited to partner with Van’s to celebrate modern moms and help make their lives a little easier, just in time for back-to-school!

And what is one of the most important keys to a successful back to school routine? Breakfast!

But breakfast doesn’t have to be stressful. Quick, wholesome options like Van’s waffles offer protein and whole grains that are so delicious moms feel great about serving them and kids love eating them!

For instance, check out this recipe for Banana & Honey Minis!


Van’s conducted a survey of 1,000 moms and asked them to describe their mornings.

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10 Back-to-School Photo Ideas

One of my favorite times of the year is when my news feed starts to fill with pics of kids headed back to school! Love it! And those who know me here know that I run a photography business on the side, so yeah, maybe I’m a little partial to pics, but there’s nothing wrong with that…right? I think not! So, with that in mind, here are 10 Back-to-School photo ideas that I’ve come across recently!

For more than one kid {VIA}

I like this one because it contrasts the kids against each other – and it’s no too fru-fru for your “cool” junior high-ers!


Use what you have {VIA}

Hello?! Driveway and chalk! Anyone can do this one, and it’s SO cute!



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Passing the Test on Back to School Organization

Well, it’s that time of year again! Parents are high-fiving and kids are dragging. Time to go back to school! However, it may not be a high-five mentality for you if you are more overwhelmed than excited by everything that needs to be done! No worries – I am here to help! Take a few moments to read through these five tips on Back to School Organization!

1. Clothing


New school clothes rank at various levels of difficulty. If your kids have uniforms, then, folks, you’ve got it MADE in the shade! Spend some of your time assisting a less-fortunate parent, ha! If you have small children, it’s not too much more difficult, either. Why not get a sitter, take a day for yourself, go do all their school clothes shopping and bring it home to them. They’re not old enough yet to want to coordinate all of their own outfits, so you just end up being super mom! (Or super dad. Hi to any dads reading this!) But if you have older kids…there’s not much to do but suck it up and get it done. Choose a day and prepare yourself. Bribe yourself, even. (Heck, you may have to bribe the whole family.) Make sure you are not rushed, and make sure the kids understand the task at hand. And then…just git ‘er done! Once you’ve obtained everything, if you’re not working with uniforms, choose outfits on the weekend for the entire week ahead. Then there are no “late” issues due to “wardrobe” issues. Each child simply puts on the clothes laid out for the current day!

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Back to School with the Blogging Buddies Blog Hop – COMING NEXT WEEK!

I have NEVER posted TWICE in the same day before, so you MUST know that this is gonna be good!

I’m so excited to announce that, starting on Monday, I will be participating in a blog hop called “Back to School with the Blogging Buddies!” (A blog hop, in case you’re not familiar with the term, is a “series” of blogs shared on specific days from a group of bloggers.) Yep, it’s Back to School time, and 8 fantastic ladies have been working on posts to help YOU get off to a great start this year! Each of us will focus in on a special topic regarding going back to school! I promise, you don’t want to miss this!


So, just WHO are these lovely bloggers?

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