Organizing for a SAFE & HEALTHY Back-to-School!

Can you believe it?! It’s almost time for the kids to go back to school! Wow, that felt QUICK! Hopefully everyone has had an amazing summer and is ready to get back to a normal schedule. And while it’s important to get those school supplies, and uniforms, and all the accessories that seem to come into play every August, another very important aspect of going back to school is health and safety. Let’s face it: school won’t do much good for any child unless the child is healthy and safe!

While it’s true that we have no kids at home right now, I can remember preparing triplet boys and their little brother for school like it was yesterday. Quite the task! And, as always, preparation and organization are KEY. Let’s look at some ways YOU can organize in advance so your kiddos can stay safe and healthy when going back to school! 

Staying Safe & Healthy When it Comes to Cleaning

Safe and Healthy Back to School 1

  • It’s always a great idea to have your children go back to school leaving a clean room behind. Get rid of all the toys that have been broken or “played out” over the summer, and go through their clothes to check and see how things are fitting. This way, if you come across a few blank composition books that have been lost under the bed, or that extra pair of next-size-up jeans that’s still sporting the tag, you can mark these things off your shopping list and save time…and money!

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