Effective Tips for Cleaning Up Your Home After Water Damage

In 2017, Hurricane Irma passed directly over our house in Central Florida. It was a pretty scary time for us, but in the end, we were thankful that the only major damage to our property was some wind-driven rain that entered our back bedroom and soaked (then molded) the carpet. As a result of all that, I’m very familiar with issues that unwelcome water can cause to a home. (It also stays in the forefront of my mind because my husband works in homeowners insurance and is always sharing his nightmare claim stories with me!)

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So let’s look at this a bit more closely:

There can be several causes for flooding and water damage, including torrential rainfall, sewer issue, broken sump-pump, burst pipe, or damaged appliance. No matter the cause, the effect is devastating and unbearable. Water damage can ruin your furnishings, the structure and foundation, and other prized possessions occupying your house. 

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10 DIY Tips for Restoring Your Home – A Guest Post!

Well, welcome to another Monday!

I have a question: did you watch any TV this weekend? I watched a bit. And normally, when I’m watching TV over the weekend, it’s all things HGTV. LOVE. IT.

There are so many shows on that channel that show you how to do amazing things around your home, but I feel pretty inadequate, nonetheless. So when Dorise Vanderburg contacted me to see if i was interested in publishing a post full of tips for restoring your home, I was all about it! Let’s see what she’s got for us!

Having a well-maintained house is everyone’s dream, but it’s a very difficult task as it requires skills and a lot of money to perform restoration. Having your home restored by a professional restorer can cost you much higher than your expectations. You can try to restore your home yourself, but as it demands safety it’s recommended to do some research to do it right with full perfection and precautions. 

Here are 10 DIY tips for restoring your home:

1. You can start restoration from your walls in. If your walls are not so old and do not need to be rebuilt, you can repair your walls yourself by filling up cracks. For this, all you need is a little skill and the right material.

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2. Painting your walls by yourself is a good idea, as it gives you a chance to show some creativity. It’s better to use good quality paint and rollers for obtaining fine finish. To paint like a professional, first paint cuts in the lines of the walls and then move on to the rest of walls.

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