Cleaning by Week, Month & Year…with FREE PRINTABLES!

First of all, can I announce the winner of the digital downloads from Northern Whimsy? (It’s my blog, sure I can! HA!) So…Alli Rutherford Smith, YOU are the winner!!! Congratulations to you!!! Shoot me an email at and I’ll get ya all set up!

And now…

I’ll admit it. It’s nothing you don’t already know, so that makes it easier. I’m a clean freak.

Yes, it’s true. But, believe it or not, I’ve actually gotten much more relaxed than I used to be! (You can stop laughing any time now.)

Still, there are some things that are very easy for me to obsess over. For instance: when I sit down on the couch at the end of the day and I’ve worked the full time job for 8 hours and then the part time for 2-3 more hours and then I’m trying to work on the blog until I fall asleep and I look up and see the filthiness that is the set of sliding glass doors that lead to the  back porch…I get a little agitated. Suddenly I notice dirt everywhere, and then I feel the need to get up and clean and then I’m tired and overwhelmed…you get the idea.

I tossed this around in my head for a while: how do I spread out all the cleaning that needs to be done across a week so not one day is more loaded than any other? How about across a month? A year? Hmmm…

You may remember when I solved PART of that problem a few months ago with my Weekly Chore List Printable. (If you missed that post, no worries, just CLICK HERE and you can check it out…and still get that free printable!) So that was that, and it’s been working pretty well so far. But I still needed to work on the cleaning items that needed to be accomplished once a month, or once a quarter, or once a year, even.

I searched Pinterest and Etsy and the blogosphere, looking for the type of printable I needed. Of course, when all else fails, I did what I always do: I made it myself.

So here’s what I’ve done: I’ve really just made a few simple and pretty lists!

Weekly, Monthly, and I’ve split the year up into quarters:


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Thanksgiving Menu FREE Printable!

Hey, y’all! Are you ready for Thanksgiving yet? I’m almost there! Today I’ll be getting the house in order and making sure I didn’t forget anything at the store and trying to cook a few things ahead of time! Good times!

Almost every time we have a big family dinner, it’s pot-luck style. (Everyone brings something or is assigned an item to bring.) Thanksgiving is no different, except this year, Jerrod and I will be having Thanksgiving lunch at our house for his family and then we’ll be headed to my parent’s for Thanksgiving dinner with them and more of the family. Not to mention the food I made for his team’s party at work. Needless to say, it all ran together a little bit – I didn’t even get to make the neighbors anything!

When I start to get overwhelmed, I write things down. Then I can see it all in black and white, and then I know what needs to be done. However, I also like to write it on something pretty! Hence, today’s Thanksgiving Menu Printable!

Thanksgiving Menu

Whatcha think? There are spaces to write the dish, and a space to remind everyone who was in charge of bringing it! Mine is already filled out an don our fridge, but I hope you can make use of this one to help you organize your day! CLICK HERE if you’d like to download it!

Happy prepping to all of you!

A Prayer for Busy Women – FREE PRINTABLE!

I wasn’t going to do this post quite yet, as I thought it might be a bit early,  but since I received such an overwhelming response to yesterday’s “Holiday Sanity Savers” post, I wanted to go ahead and share this with you. (Today marks 2 months until Christmas, anyways!)

I’ve written something, and originally it was just for me, but I thought others may benefit from it, as well. I simply call it “A Christmas Prayer for Busy Women”. Here’s how it goes:

Dear Father,

During this busy time of the year, I pray that my words and actions are glorifying to YOU. May I not worry so much about attending all the gatherings, the rehearsals, the parties and the programs, but may I be focused on being at YOUR FEET. May I not stress so much about making sure everything is perfect, but may I remember that I am human, and YOU are God. Please remind me to put YOU first, my family second, and that everything else will fall into place, and please remind me that it’s okay to say “NO” if I need to! Please give me an extra dose of thankfulness and joy, and grace for when things don’t go just as I have planned, and help me to keep the peace that YOU have given me in the forefront of these busy days. I love YOU, Lord. You are more than wonderful. Thank You.

In Jesus’ Name,

Here’s what it looks like:


I know it says “Christmas” on it, but I’ve already printed it out and kept it where I can see it clearly, just to remind myself of what’s really important! Hopefully I’ll have it memorized by the time it’s actually Christmas!

So I wanted to make it available for all of you who shared with me how busy your holiday time becomes! Share it with those you feel would benefit from it! And may we all have a peaceful and holiday season this year!


Preparing for House Guests – FREE PRINTABLE!

Yes, we are having house guests again! It may seem a bit much, since we only moved into the house in April, and we had house guests in July, now in September, and we will have more in October, but you know what? We really enjoy hosting folks in our home!

When we were house-hunting, we were looking for the standard 3-bedroom 3-bath 2-car garage home. The perfect “starter home”, ya know? Since it was our first. When we looked at the house we ended up buying, I remember thinking, and telling Jerrod, “4 bedrooms! We don’t need 4 bedrooms! Is that greedy of us to place an offer on a house with 4 bedrooms?” We felt such a peace about it, so we ended up going ahead with the offer, and then the purchase. So we decided then, since we had the space, we would use it, and use it well.

This coming weekend we are hosting 4 boys and a chaperone from the African Children’s Choir, and we are SO excited! The group will be at our church to minister on Sunday morning, so we’ll pick our crew up on Saturday evening, feed them, let them get a good night’s sleep, and then feed them again Sunday morning before heading to church to watch them sing! (They are SO sweet – if you’ve never heard of the African Children’s Choir before, it’s an amazing organization. PLEASE check out their website (, and listen to them sing. BEAUTIFUL voices, BEAUTIFUL children.)


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Weekly Chore List Printable

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I was trying to get a schedule worked out for keeping our house clean. We figured out that, if we clean throughout the week, our weekends are free for whatever we like! (Well, within reason, ha!)

So, here’s what I created:

Weekly Chore List

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