Three Ways to Celebrate Baby’s First Christmas

As you might know, we are celebrating Baby’s First Christmas this year – times two! The twins will be just over four months old come Christmas, which kind of threw us for a loop. They won’t be too “into” it, and they definitely won’t remember it! What should we do to celebrate Christmas with them without going overboard? 


Our goal was to celebrate together as a family, to avoid wearing them out with too many events, and to not spend a boatload of money!

With those things in mind, I narrowed it down to three P’s:


Of course, living in our house everyone gets photos taken of them often. However, I’m talking about something a bit more formal. This year, we took the girls to see Santa and had some photos done that way. If you’d rather schedule a family photo shoot with a local photographer, that’s perfect, too! Choose to do something a bit more momentous to mark the season than just a selfie!

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More Reasons to Love Hometalk!

You may remember a post I wrote about Hometalk last fall. Well, I’m working with the folks at Hometalk again, and in the midst of the project, I went back and looked at the previous blog post (which you can see if you CLICK HERE) and found that I had even more great experiences on the site since then! 


Like I said in that post, the awesome thing about Hometalk is, it’s not just for design inspiration – you can find full tutorials on DIY projects and crafts, everything home-related, obviously! You can also ask questions of the community, and see what experts who answer you back have to say! And of course, you can follow people, and they can follow you, too!

One of my favorite things about the site are the “clipboards” that you can “curate”. Now, I have about a dozen boards that I’ve curated, and Hometalk is actually featuring one of them! It’s my Dishwasher Hacks board, and the fine folks over there even made me a nice lil’ graphic for it!

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On the Road in August!

Happy September, all! I can hardly believe it. By the end of this month, the house will be decorated for Fall, we’ll be planning Halloween and Thanksgiving and then CHRISTMAS. WOW. We gotta make time slow down, people! So, as is customary around here, when we hit the first week of a new month, I like to look back on the previous month to see what was “trending” on the blog! Without further ado, here are the top five posts for the month of August: 1. How to Deal with a Dirty Dishwasher – It’s always important to remember to keep the “cleaning machines” clean, too! Dishwasher_with_dishes 2. On Organizing Car Compartments – Yes, my organization extends beyond my home, and so can yours! DSC_0084 3. A Unique Way to Organize Your Spices – This solved my space issue! Can it help you? DSC_0010 4. Tips for Keeping Your Bedroom Clean & Tidy – There’s nothing better than the peace that a clean bedroom brings! 6 Tips for Keeping Your Bedroom Clean and Tidy (1) 5. 10 Back-to-School Photo Ideas – This was, by far, the favorite photo from this post! Did YOU use the idea? 3a1b1c5137cdb52e3a017ce383e28836 Another month gone by! I hope you caught all of the above posts! Which one was your favorite?

10 Back-to-School Photo Ideas

One of my favorite times of the year is when my news feed starts to fill with pics of kids headed back to school! Love it! And those who know me here know that I run a photography business on the side, so yeah, maybe I’m a little partial to pics, but there’s nothing wrong with that…right? I think not! So, with that in mind, here are 10 Back-to-School photo ideas that I’ve come across recently!

For more than one kid {VIA}

I like this one because it contrasts the kids against each other – and it’s no too fru-fru for your “cool” junior high-ers!


Use what you have {VIA}

Hello?! Driveway and chalk! Anyone can do this one, and it’s SO cute!



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On Having a Fantastic Family Photo Shoot

Those of you who are regular readers know that I run a photography business on the side, and October, November and December are my busiest months out of the year, because everyone wants pictures done for Christmas gifts and cards! This year, clients started putting fall and winter appointments on my calendar in August, and it’s made for a very busy past few weeks…with more to come!


So, since I’ve been eating/breathing/sleeping photography, I thought I’d put together an informative post on how to have a great family photo shoot experience! (Oh, and all the pictures used here have been taken by me! None of them are from 2013, though, as some of those pics are surprises!)

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