New Additions

Okay, you guys know the drill…

As we get more and more settled in our new home (is it still new if we’ve been here for 9 months now?), I pick up things in my free time (HA! What the heck is FREE TIME?!) and add them to our house. Now begins another post to share  those with y’all! Maybe you’ll get some good ideas, and maybe you can give me some good ideas, too! Note: I don’t bring things into the house unless I LOVE them. I don’t see a point in being surrounded by “stuff”, much less stuff that I think is “just okay”.

1. Desk in Home Office


You can see that we’re still working on getting this one settled, but we were gifted a brand new desk at Christmas for our home office! Now we can both sit in the same room and work at the same desk! The one before barely accommodated one person!

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Welcome to the NEW Blog!

Hello, all!

Whether you are brand new to this blog or have come over from the old blog, welcome! I’m excited that you’re here to enjoy the Road to Domestication along with me!

So, why are we here? (I mean, why are we over at WordPress now instead of Blogger?) The more research I did on blogging platforms, the more I discovered that WordPress offers a greater flexibility and potential for advancement than Blogger – so I decided to migrate this way. I’ve got a LOT to learn on this platform now, but I’m up for the challenge! And I’m excited about it, and about what’s coming!!!

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