NestFresh Eggs – The Perfect Accessory to Non-GMO Month!

**PLEASE NOTE: I have not in any way been paid for my review. The following opinion is hereby my own.**

I used to hear people say that fresh eggs tasted way better than store-bought eggs. And I used to laugh at this claim. What on earth! An egg is just an egg! They all taste the same, right?!

WRONG. And according to my husband, when I say “I’m wrong” it’s an important moment of history, so I’m glad that all of you can share this moment with me! HA!

An egg is NOT just an egg. This I discovered after I met my hubby’s Aunt Beth, who has a lovely chicken coop. I first noticed how an egg is not just an egg due to a custard dish that she made for a family gathering. I thought the dish was exceptionally good, and she told me, “It’s the eggs. They’re the ones from the chicken coop. Fresh eggs always taste better!”

At that point, with my mouth full, I was totally inclined to agree.

Over the years, when Aunt Beth has had a surplus of eggs, a few always find their way into our refrigerator. And I LOVE cooking or baking with them! Definitely a huge difference!

But wait, you say, I have no access to fresh eggs! How can I get my dishes to taste so wonderful?!

Ah, that’s easy. NestFresh!


NestFresh eggs are 100% cage free – they treat their hens like royalty – and they produce super healthy and nutrient-filled eggs. Especially in lieu of the nasty news about how dairy cows are being treated on Daisy Sour Cream’s farms (Have you seen that? Awful!) it’s great to know there are still companies out there who honor their word and treat their animals well!

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NestFresh Eggs Giveaway!

We all like our specific food brands, don’t we? I know there are certain food items that I buy from a specific store or I only purchase a specific brand of, because I like the taste or the price or the packaging. And one of the things that I’m particular about when it comes to purchasing is definitely eggs. Because, you know what? I really can tell a difference in taste in organic eggs verses regular eggs. That’s some thing that I don’t like to compromise on!

And that’s one reason why I’m so excited about today’s post and a special giveaway! Check it out!


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