Make Your Own Letterhead!

Earlier this week, I had the need to write a letter. But a nice letter, not a “I cannot believe the level of service your company has provided and I’m VERY unsatisfied with the results…”, etc. letter. (THOSE are the actual letters I normally write, but oftentimes I need to write a NICE letter!)

I got to thinking about it, and, although I’ve already designed many of our correspondence supplies (CLICK HERE), I hadn’t designed an actual household letterhead. Do YOU have a letterhead or a stationary for your family?

Considering I’ve designed multiple business stationary products for various companies, I figured it would be fairly easy. Until I decided I wanted it to be monogrammed.

That’s where I got stuck.

I don’t know all the “appropriate etiquette” and “proper rules” for monogramming. I didn’t know what else to do, other than pick a pretty font and play with the sizes of letters. That just seemed…ridiculous. So what did I do? I Googled it! And LOOK at what I found!!! CLICK HERE! Gotta love Wedding Chicks!

So I made my own! And here’s what I came up with:


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