Let’s Talk About Women’s Health!

Did you know that May is Women’s Health Month? It’s kind of fitting, since I have Celiac’s Disease (which I will be talking about next week because it’s also Celiac Disease Awareness Month) and I try to be health-conscious due to that. May apparently is a fantastic month for health and awareness all the way around!  

Not only do I have the Celiac’s Disease, but I was also diagnosed with Hypothyroidism last year. Both of those conditions are autoimmune disorders, which means that my immune system attacks itself when I get sick, instead of attacking all the bad germs. 

Healthy Choices

As you can imagine, these two issues have taught me to be very careful when being around others who are sick, and to be able to recognize my triggers. And my top triggers? Stress and bad diet! So I’m constantly trying to simplify and make sure I eat gluten-free, in order to maintain good health.

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