5 Things to Consider When Re-Designing Your Kitchen

“Make me a list,” said my husband.

“A list?!” I asked. “Make a list for YOU?!”

“Yep,” he said. “Make me a list of the necessary things that you want done around this house before the babies get here. And we’ll knock it out. But that way, there are no surprises or last-minute panic situations.”

The above conversation ensued after a lengthy discussion about calling the painter and having him come paint the entire interior of the house…instead of just the baby’s room. That thought led to the ideas of several other projects, and I think I may have hit the “done” point with the hubby.

So, a list is in progress. And while there are several practical things that really do need to be taken care of before the arrival of the twins, there are also those fun little dreams that I’ll have to put off until later. Like my kitchen remodel.

I DO love dreaming about redoing our kitchen. I have no idea when that will ever actually happen, but it sure is fun to dream about it! So when Zoe Clark contacted me with a post highlighting things to consider in the midst of a kitchen redesign, well. How could I resist?!


The kitchen may not be a part of the home you and your loved ones spend most time in (unless someone in the house is a would-be sous chef), but its layout and functionality still count for increased property value and happy family life. As a general rule, the kitchen should be updated at least every 10 years, but securing the funds to cover project costs is only the first step toward remodel success. Before you launch the redesign, you need to take into account your kitchen’s potential and limitations, and have a clear idea as to the works duration and best direction to take in the process. Kitchen remodel funds are all up to you to provide, but the work gets a bit easier once you know which questions to ask yourself before you grab a power drill and sledgehammer and Hulk out on your outdated kitchen.

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Over the Weekend



Whew! I wasn’t quite sure I would make it out alive this weekend! But here it is Monday morning, and we’re back to the normal once more!

Accomplished on Friday:

  • Grocery shopping
  • Prepping for the weekend photo shoots
  • New kitchen faucet installed

Accomplished on Saturday:

  • Photo shoot #1
  • Downloading and culling of photo shoot #1
  • Leak-in-the-master-bathroom-disaster-averted
  • Photo shoot #2
  • Downloading and culling of photo shoot #2
  • Editing of photo shoot #1 and #2

Accomplished on Sunday:

  • Sound check, Sunday School, choir and church
  • Photo shoot #3
  • Photo shoot #4
  • Downloading and culling of photo shoot #3 and #4
  • More editing of photo shoot #1

My sweet husband cooked his own dinner on Saturday AND Sunday, bless his heart! (He’s REALLY ready for me to make tonight’s dinner! I’ve got spaghetti on the menu!)

So you see why I was wondering if I would make it or not! And NEXT weekend will be even crazier! I have SIX shoots over Saturday and Sunday! I’m not right, I’m telling all of you right now.

What was YOUR weekend like? And what is your FAVORITE source of caffeine! I’m gonna need some recommendations!