Cheap & Easy Ideas for Updating the Look of Your Front Door – A Guest Post!

I’ve been looking at my house from the outside recently. You know how you do. Winter is pretty much over. The weather is turning towards Spring. And you feel the need for something fresh and clean and NEW! So when Elizabeth Hill contacted me and asked if I was interested in publishing a post on updating your front door, I thought that was just what I might be looking for! So let’s see what kind of ideas she has for us…

As summer approaches, looking for ways to enhance the look of your front door can be a pretty exciting endeavor, as there are many options to explore!

Here are some of the most exciting types of changes that you can make:

Hotel door handle

1. Update Your Door Handles

If you live in the UK or even in some of the historic areas of America, your door handle actually might be quite an antique. On the other hand, all door hardware (like handles) have an expected life, and if they no longer fit as a design statement or have lost some of their functionality, then upgrading them to the latest style is a good idea. You may have seen several online stories about the smart-phone/smart-lock companies that created door handles that can be controlled by using your smart phone and a software application. Now that some of those locks are on the market, people have enjoyed making the changeover as it gives them more control over who comes and goes in and out of their house than before. A great place to actually find updated handles is at Door Handles Ltd, one of the UK’s largest online suppliers of door handles and accessories.

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