4 Reasons To Try A Food Tracker

These days we’re trying to be purposeful about our eating at my house.

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Making sure we only buy what we will eat. Eliminating foods that have no nutritional value. Using up food before we waste money buying more. Watching portion sizes. Eating all our leftovers. Snacking on fruits and veggies instead of junk. Not letting things go to waste. That kind of “healthy eating and healthy budgeting” all at the same time. 


But one thing we really need to do better with is actually tracking what we eat!

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Digital Kitchen Scale Review…and GIVEAWAY from TMart!

**PLEASE NOTE: While TMart.com DID provide me with this product to test at no cost, I was not in any way paid for my review. The following opinion is hereby my own.** 

One of my favorite kitchen tools when I was younger was my mom’s scale. I remember mom being on a diet a lot (HA! Sorry, mom!) and when she was she would use her scale to fix her portions. Her scale looked like this, except with a flat top:


Is that the one, mom? It’s close to it!

I always enjoyed trying to see how much I could put on the scale before it was too much to weigh. And I may or may not have learned of a few things that would NOT work on the scale…but that’s another story for another day!

Anyways, I’ve never had a scale in my own kitchen before, mainly because I was just not sure of the kind of scale I wanted to use! Did I want a neat vintage one? Did I want a modern digital one? Decisions, decisions…

Until TMart contacted me to do a giveaway, and one of the items on their list to review and give away was a kitchen scale.

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