Best Flooring Options For Your Home

There are plenty of fantastic options to select from when it comes to installing new floors in your home. However, you can’t just select any old type of flooring, slap it down throughout your home, and hope that it’ll work.

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Installing new floors requires a great deal of thought and care. This is because each type of flooring comes with its own unique features that might be great in one room, but disastrous in another.

In this article we look at each of our top five picks of flooring options and explore the advantages and disadvantages each type brings to the table.

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Creating a Child-Friendly Floor Space

Well, I’ve talked a lot about floors here on the blog. I guess it’s because I love all things home, and floors are a HUGE part of the home! But something I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned before here in my posts is that I used to work for a daycare.


The above-view portrait of a beautiful babysitter looking after cute kids

I worked for a daycare for 2 weeks over Christmas break when I was home for college. One of the teachers wanted a nice long Christmas break, and I needed the work, so I did what I had to do! Can I just say that I have TONS of respect for those who work with littles on a daily basis! It was a great learning experience, that’s for sure!

But a space like a daycare should be full of things for kids, right? Right! And to this day, I will never forget that old ugly rug that was in my classroom. It was dull. It was grody. It looked like it belonged in an adult daycare instead of a child’s daycare. I hated that thing from the first day I went inside, and I was glad I never had to see it again when I was done with the job!

So when Georgia from The Rug Seller contacted me about an infographic of child-friendly floor spaces, I was shocked at the memories it brought back! And once I looked at the image, I knew that these suggestions were exactly what kiddos need! Check it out…

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Why Would You Acid-Stain Concrete?

I have a porch dilemma.

Well, actually, TWO porch dilemmas.

1. Our front porch

Our front porch was “tiled” by the previous owner with these very large concrete tiles.

Outdoor tile alternative!

First of all, I don’t love the colors. I’m not a huge fan of things that are orange. And second of all, when they break, it’s hard to fix!

Outdoor tile alternative!

And the GROUT. I hate grout anyways, but this is just impossible to keep clean!

Within the next few weeks, our house will be painted, and these tiles will then TOTALLY clash. Ugh! What to do? I wonder if I can paint it…

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Fabulous Find! (Yes, another one!)

We’re moving from a home that is all carpet (other than the bathroom and the kitchen) into a home that only has carpet in three closets. While this will be FANTASTIC for our allergies, there is a lot of white tile and light-colored wood covering these floors…and we have a very black kitty cat. And let’s face it, I’m very anal when it comes to keeping things clean.

I was really wondering what I should do as far as a tool to clean these floors with! Just use a broom and sweep everything all the time? Then follow up often with a good ol’ mop? That would take forever! What about a steam cleaner? But I still need to get the dirt up first! Or could I just use the regular vacuum I already have? I used to have a Swiffer SweeperVac and I really loved it, but the battery was horrible, which translated into horrible suction, and I eventually got rid of it. But I really liked the size of it – maybe something like that?

After doing a bit of research, I finally came across something I thought might work: a 3-in-1 Vac from Bissell. The good thing was, it was only $20 at Walmart, so I figured, even if it’s horrible, I’ve only wasted $20…instead of investing a few hundred for something that I might not like. And it’s a Bissell – it’s bound to work at least KINDA good, right?

So I picked this little baby up from Walmart and headed to our new house to give it a good cleaning before we started moving things in.


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