10 Living Room Decoration Ideas – A Guest Post!

I’ve got the itch, y’all. And it’s BAD this time.

I’m SO ready to redecorate our living room! I have my eye on a gray leather sectional that I would like to build around, and plan on doing the entire room in grays, whites and chocolate browns, with pops of yellow. Be still my heart!!!

Although that revamp has been on “the list” for a while, it’s still not getting done. Partly because other things keep coming up. (Like a quick getaway weekend to DC that I flew out for with my hubby this morning!) I’ll just make do with the living room the way it is for a bit longer!

But when Doug contacted me and asked if I would publish a post on decorating a living room without breaking a budget, I was ALL about it! He’s got some awesome ideas here!

With every change of season, the urge to redecorate my house takes over. While I’d like to have a budget that allowed for a complete house makeover, the reality is that a lot of times, I simply have to find ways to shop smart (and cheap!), find new uses for the things I already have and invest more time than money.


Image used with permission from Tilton Coffered Ceilings.

You may not have the budget right now for something amazing, like a skylight or coffered ceilings – I know I don’t! But your home can still look trendy and fresh with some of these budget friendly decorating ideas. 

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