Distinctive Deck Designs – Creating a Smaller Carbon Footprint, One Deck at a Time! – A Guest Post!

Happy Friday, everyone! On Fridays I start thinking more about the weekend, because it’s almost upon us, and I don’t know about you, but I’m normally pretty ready for the weekend!

Recently my hubby and I had the back yard fenced in with a pretty white PVC-material privacy fence, and it’s opened a whole new range of options for us. One of them that I’m really pushing for is something I’m calling my “Star-Gazing Deck”. I LOVE looking at the stars at night, and I really want a specific place (that can be used during the day, of course) but is specifically used at night to lay out on and gaze at the stars! The perfect thing to do over the weekends, especially!

So imagine my surprise that, as we’re discussing putting a deck in the back yard and the implications of that, Tatum Williams from Distinctive Deck Designs contacted me with a guest post idea! She definitely made ME think, and I hope she’ll make you think, too! Here’s what she had to say…


There are many concerns when building a deck, one of which is what impact a deck can have on the environment. Since trees are constantly cut down to create the great deal of lumber needed for these projects, many people have decided to give composite decking a try. Depending on the company, composite decking can be made mostly out of recycled materials; for instance, Trex decking is primarily comprised of 95% recycled materials while saving 400 million pounds of plastic and  wood from landfills a year. With every green conscious deck that is built, it is important to consider the materials you are using and the landscaping of the location before proceeding.

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