How to Slice a Pineapple

We LOVE fresh fruit at our house, and one of our favorites is pineapple! Actually, pineapple is good for much more than eating, too! Did you know that pineapples…

  • Help to fight off colds
  • Help strengthen bones
  • Promote good gum health
  • Aid in digestion
  • Prevent hypertension

I’m sure there are many other uses, too…but those are the ones I can spout off the top of my head! (OH! The pineapple is also a symbol for hospitality!)

But the one thing about pineapples are that they are pretty hard to “get to”. The fresh ones, that is. And I’m referring to slicing them. Now, I’ve been slicing them up for years, but the other day, my friend saw a fresh pineapple I had sitting on my kitchen counter, and she informed me she would never buy a fresh one because she had no idea how to cut it. I was a bit surprised, and then I started to think, how many people don’t know how to slice one? Hence, this post!

So, you need a pineapple (I know, I’m hilarious), a cutting board (pineapple is actually good for keeping up wooden cutting boards, so I grabbed my bamboo one) and a very good knife.


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