Things I’m Liking These Days…

Funny how our tastes change as life changes, right? I’m sure there are things you like now that you didn’t before…and probably won’t in the future! But there’s a few things I’m really liking right now, so I wanted to share them with you!

1. Chevron

DSC_0581 (2)


I like it like this, as an accent. I’ve seen it as a rug (that looks nice!) and as pillows, etc. I’m  not sure about the entire Chevron walls, but who knows, they may grow on me. This is definitely a trend…but I’m liking it!

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Creating Your Own Notecards

I’m a HUGE card-sender. I have been ever since I can remember. Someone’s sick? I send a get-well card. Someone lost a family member? I send a sympathy card. You get the idea. Although I love technology and all it has to offer (phone calls, emails, Facebook, etc.), I think there’s a lot to be said for going to the mailbox and pulling out an actual hand-written note from someone who cares about you.

My favorite little “thinking of you” notecards come from Hallmark, but hello, Hallmark gets expensive sometimes! And there are even times when you just don’t like “the look” of what’s in stock when you’re in the store.

So when I ran out this time, I decided to make my own!

I’ve really been liking the Chevron patterns here recently. At first, I’ll admit, I thought they were ugly. But they’ve grown on me! You know the ones I’m talking about?


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