Over the Weekend


Hello, all! I feel like I haven’t blogged in FOREVER! (In actuality, it’s been 5 days…which IS forever for someone who blogs daily! Wow!) So, for today’s “Over the Weekend” post, I’m headed back to Thursday of last week!

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Happy Birthday to The Road to Domestication!

This Sunday is a special day for The Road to Domestication. A little over two years ago, I had an idea.

I was missing writing. For those of you who didn’t know, I double-majored in Journalism and Public Relations in college, and since nearly sending myself over the edge working as a magazine editor, I hadn’t done much writing. And I missed it terribly. I needed an outlet. Plus, I was getting ready to get married, and had all these lovely ideas in my head of what the “perfect” wife was like…all domestic and stuff.

I started an album on my Facebook page called The Road to Domestication, where I posted (and still post, occasionally) pics of all things domestic that I was involved in. But that didn’t help with the writing aspect.

I had never really followed any blogs before. And I had NO clue what I was doing…and probably still don’t most days! But I figured, what the heck – I’m gonna start a blog!

So I did! It looked like this:


(It’s still active if you want to go back and see from whence I came – check it out HERE!)

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Dressing Up a Plain Cake

My  husband is on the “Fun” committee at work, and he’s also in charge of the birthdays for his section. They put him in charge of birthdays because they figured I would make birthday treats for everyone…and for the most part, I do!

The lovely lady who’s birthday is today decided she didn’t care what kind of cake it was, any kind was fine. My kinda woman! And since we’re in the middle of moving, and I’m also editing wedding pictures right now, I decided that this one would be celebrated with the boxed yellow cake and chocolate icing I already had in my pantry. (Even though I have a TON of cakes pinned on my Sweet Treats board on Pinterest that would be fantastic to try out right now…I’m trying to be realistic about my time and commitments for the next few weeks. So boxed cake it was.

Every time I think of a box cake, I think of that episode of The Next Great Baker (do you ever watch that? It’s on TLC, Buddy the Cake Boss does it – awesome!) where one of the contestants uses a box cake mix in his assignment, and when Buddy tastes it, he knows it’s a box cake immediately! Horrors!

So I wanted to dress up MY box cake a little, show I had put SOME kind of effort into it, and make it look unique! And I really wish I knew where I got the idea for this, but I don’t have a link – I saw it somewhere online, I’m sure.

Here’s the regular, plain ol’ yellow cake with chocolate frosting. I tried to get the frosting as smooth as possible with a butter knife to make the process I was about to undertake easier.


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St. Patrick’s Day Cookie Bites

I never really was one to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, until I met my husband…who’s birthday is actually the same day! So now the whole family celebrates!

Last year I made him a birthday cake for his section at work – a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup birthday cake that took me about 6 hours to complete! Everyone loved it, and it DID look pretty cool, but I figured I’d ask if he wanted the same cake again or something different. When he saw a picture of these St. Patrick’s Day Cookie Bites, he was sold. “Yes, please!” he said. (By the way, if you’re looking for the recipe for that Reese’s Cake, you can find it on my Sweet Treats board on Pinterest!)

Like most things these days, I also found the recipe for his St. Patrick’s Day Cookie Bites on Pinterest. I saved them on my Lucky Duck Board – here’s the actual link: St. Patrick’s Day Cookie Bites. They’re supposed to look like this:


Cute, huh?

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