Over the Weekend


I was SO ready for this weekend – last week was very long and exhausting, and I was in great need of a lil’ extra rest!

Accomplished on Friday:

  • Met up with our house guest for the weekend (my dear friend, Kristy) and brought her home
  • My hubby took us out for a nice dinner

Accomplished on Saturday:

  • Kristy and I went and picked up another friend of ours, and we went to The Container Store! (Neither of them had ever been!) We all found some fabulous treasures – I will share my find later this week!
  • Cooked dinner
  • Re-organized the pantry

Accomplished on Sunday:

  • Sound check, Sunday School, choir and church
  • Took a nap (a 2.5-hour nap!!!) BOY, did I feel better after that!
  • Took my hubby’s parents to dinner for his dad’s birthday

Overall, it was a pretty low-key weekend for us – which, after being up into the wee morning hours on Monday night, Tuesday night and Wednesday night (editing pictures) , and Thursday night (baking a from-scratch chocolate cake for my hubby to take to a work function on Friday)…I was whipped. Not as young as I used to be, ha!

Here’s my question: do you pull all-nighters at all? And if you do, HOW? Any ideas are helpful!

48 thoughts on “Over the Weekend

  1. Sounds like you really enjoyed your weekend. I don’t really do all-nighters anymore but I am a night person so can happily work into the late hours. I’ve been really ill lately though so slept a lot more than normal–just wish I had the quieter weekend that you seemed to have had!

  2. I had a fabulous weekend! I got my hair done on Saturday. I wrote. I had a great dinner with hubs. Sunday was just as slow and luxurious. Watched the New England Patriots lose to the Jets in a nail bitter of a game. Baby sat my grand daughter. Watched the final episode of The White Queen and watched episode 2 of The Walking Dead (intense!)

    Looking forward to a great week!

    Peggy (from UBC)
    Peggy Nolan

  3. Things are a bit crease here, since we started house hunting. Not looking forward to all the work, but it will be nice at the and. Glad you had a more relaxing weekend.

  4. I like the way you outline the weekend. I think I may try this for myself. I need to see where my week-end days go – smile!

  5. Oh man there is no way I am pulling all nighters anymore. In my 20s I did it all the time! In my 30s with 2 kids, uh no. But I also am up sometimes several times a night with the baby and it kicks my butt! Glad you had a low key weekend!

    • I would say, when you go to The Container Store, go with ONE project in mind that you want to take care of. If you just walk in with tons of ideas you could easily be overwhelmed. But it’s definitely worth the visit!

  6. All nighter? Nooo! I am an extreme morning person, really if I don’t get things done by 7pm it isn’t going to happen. I get a nap in about once month, if I can shut the brain down the sleep is so yummy.

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