One Word for 2017

Have you heard of “One Word”?

The basic idea of the One Word movement is to lose the long list of New Year’s Resolutions we strangle ourselves with each year and pick one word to focus on for the next 12 months.

In 2014, the word I chose was PEACE. In 2015, I can’t even remember the word I chose (shows how much of an impact I made THAT year, eh?!) and in 2016, I chose the word WELL.

Enter 2017. To be honest, I struggled with choosing a good word to use this year, because I just felt like, since the arrival of the twins, life is just so FULL. It’s full of wonderful things and not-so-wonderful things, but it’s full nevertheless. How on earth could I get to a quiet place where I can focus on one word when there’s so much commotion?


And then, it hit me. FULL. There’s my word.

Yes, 2017 is definitely the year that life is FULL. It’s full of babies and love and exhaustion and sometimes tears. It’s full of wondering and planning and fears and hopes. It’s full of blog posts and photo shoots and date nights and family time. It’s just plain full!

But I also want to DO things FULL this year! Nothing left half-done or half-finished or half-full. It’s got to be the opposite of empty. It’s got to be FULL.

What’s one word you can apply to YOUR 2017?

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18 thoughts on “One Word for 2017

  1. The word my husband and I have chosen this year is “Intentional”. We are striving to be intentional about achieving goals we have set, intentional about our pursuit of God, intentional about cultivating our relationship, intentional about cultivating relationships with others.

  2. My one word would be “COMPLAINT”. It is not because I like this word but I would like to remove this on my life, on my system. A complaining spirit leads to fighting because complaints come from unfulfilled desires. It is also an evidence that we didn’t have faith or trust in God that we are always questioning everything about our life.

  3. Still thinking and haven’t found my word yet. Like your pick though as it’s positive & with all that’s happening right now, we need to focus on what’s good in life.

  4. It sounds like a busy year for you but one that’s full of rewards as well. That’s definitely a nice choice of word for the year!

  5. I have not heard of this, but I like the idea. I don’t really know what one word I would use for the year. Maybe something like busy or crazy!

  6. The one word for me and to my hubby was “struggle” When 2017 starts we face a lot of struggle in our life, It’s challenging but so depressing too.

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