Make Your Own Letterhead!

Earlier this week, I had the need to write a letter. But a nice letter, not a “I cannot believe the level of service your company has provided and I’m VERY unsatisfied with the results…”, etc. letter. (THOSE are the actual letters I normally write, but oftentimes I need to write a NICE letter!)

I got to thinking about it, and, although I’ve already designed many of our correspondence supplies (CLICK HERE), I hadn’t designed an actual household letterhead. Do YOU have a letterhead or a stationary for your family?

Considering I’ve designed multiple business stationary products for various companies, I figured it would be fairly easy. Until I decided I wanted it to be monogrammed.

That’s where I got stuck.

I don’t know all the “appropriate etiquette” and “proper rules” for monogramming. I didn’t know what else to do, other than pick a pretty font and play with the sizes of letters. That just seemed…ridiculous. So what did I do? I Googled it! And LOOK at what I found!!! CLICK HERE! Gotta love Wedding Chicks!

So I made my own! And here’s what I came up with:


It’s not a TRADITIONAL monogram, no, but I LOVED it!

I chose these colors because they are what our current address labels are styled in…and so they also match the note cards I designed for us to use, as well.

All I did was drop this into a blank Word Document, and then I added a line for our address at the bottom, so it looks like this:

Letter - Copy_Page_1

No, that’s not our real address. You didn’t think I would actually give it to you, did you? Ha!

Then I picked up some whiter heavier paper and printed us up some letterhead! (I just used my regular ink-jet printer)

Now, whenever we are in need of correspondence materials, we have notecards and letterhead! Oh, it just makes me happy inside. And makes my husband shake his head and laugh at me. That’s okay. If he ever needs a letter himself, there will be no more laughing!

What kind of correspondence materials do you use in your home?

26 thoughts on “Make Your Own Letterhead!

  1. Very elegant and great idea. I’m a stamper, so I usually stamp something, and I make sure I stamp the envelope too. I think it’s fun to get an envelope that’s not just plain ol white, so I think others will too. Sometimes I even do something on my bills if it’s to a place I know a human will open it. I just wish I could be there to see if it’s appreciated or not. I choose to believe it is. 🙂

    • Oh, I haven’t stamped something in forever, but my mom makes the most beautiful cards with stamps and accessories. I hadn’t thought much about the envelopes, since I use a label and a stamp, but I like your idea! Yes, mail-opening humans need to see pretty things!

  2. That’s a great idea! I’d never have thought to make my own. I don’t get the rules of a monogram. Before I was married it was easy, I was RRR, but now I have no idea where the first initial goes or the last initial. I’m sad you didn’t leave your address, I was going to send you some creeper mail. Ha ha ha. I love your design!

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