Garage Dreams

Our big project over the weekend consisted of spending 6.5 hours in the garage at our new home.

While the interior of the actual house has been painted and has had new floors laid, the same could not be said about the garage. I’m not sure what the original color of the garage walls were…but they were less than dingy when we bought the house. We really aren’t accumulate-a-ton-of-tools-and-junk-and-do-projects-in-the garage-all-the-time people, so we really wanted to give it a nice makeover.

First step: cleaning. It’s funny; when you buy a home that has been lived in previously, you’re suddenly VERY conscious of all the dirt and grime from the people who lived there before! (Since all we had to clean up on the inside of the house was a little construction grunge, we were thoroughly baptized with the garage!

Second step: painting the walls and the door. We painted the door and all the walls good ol’ white, except for one wall. That one wall took the longest, but it is now a beautiful teal…”Seafaring Teal”, to be exact.

It all started when I saw this picture…


Now THAT is a BEAUTIFUL laundry room!!! I loved the color combination of the teal and the white – so fresh and clean! Yes, I even liked the chandelier, ha!

Once we closed on our new house, I realized my plan would need to be altered a little bit,  because the laundry area wasn’t a separate room, it was actually in the garage. So I found this picture…


Yes, this looks more like it.

Now, as my cousin said, “Only YOU would paint a laundry section in your garage!”

And oh yes, I did. My thought is, if I have to be anywhere doing laundry, it might as well be pretty, and I might as well like the colors. So, behold my laundry area!


Bright, huh? That’s exactly what I wanted! The washer and dryer are front loaders, white and chrome ones. I’m also putting in some white cabinets for laundry supplies and some of the hubby’s smaller tools. (You can’t see it in this picture, but over to the left is his tool area. It’s a nice inlet about the size of the laundry area. I asked him if he wanted to pick a color and we could paint him an accent wall…he declined. Ha!)

I’m REALLY wishing I had taken a “before” picture now that I have the “after” one, but just imagine the walls and door dingy and dirty…and the floor covered in oil leaks. Blech!

Third step: you can see above that we painted the garage floor. (It wasn’t quite dry from the picture, so if you see streaks and lines, that’s why.) This was quite the task! Anyone hearing us moaning and groaning as we worked would have gotten a real kick out of it. I think we both realized why we haven’t done much manual labor in the past…we’re pretty much wimps! But it was SO worth it! Since we both have aging vehicles, now we can actually see if either of them are leaking anything! And it should be an easy clean-up, too!

I have to say, we were pretty proud of ourselves. This is the first D.I.Y. project that we have done that hasn’t ended in an argument or one of us calling a dad to come finish it! And it wasn’t a complete disaster! Whadya know?! Now we’re REALLY dangerous…

While on the hunt for laundry room inspiration, I came across a few others I wanted to share. All of these work inside a garage! (And please note, you can always click on any of these to take you to the site where I first saw them!)




Whatcha think? Is it silly to decorate your laundry room? Or does it help you to enjoy your normal chores a bit more?

I found the next idea for the garage while I was searching, too.


Now, to have THESE kind of doors and to be able to section off the laundry and tool area (not to mention the air conditioning handler and the water heater), how wonderful!!! These we cannot do on our own, though. Perhaps we could have them installed down the road. (Note: I haven’t showed this pic to my husband at all…I’m probably in for another eye-rolling!)

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  1. I am in the process of choosing paint colors for my laundry room now 🙂 I’m ALL about making the room where I spend so much time look more appealing!

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