Fabulous Find!

You know when I find a product that’s really helpful to me, I always like to pass it on! So here’s another Fabulous Find for everyone!


One of my friends on Facebook originally posted about this tea, and I went on the search for it a couple weeks ago. My husband and I both suffer from allergies this time of year, and, although we are regular Allegra users, we also both end up with scratchy and sore throats anyways. Not to mention the fact that we both sing, and that’s pretty hard to do when your throat feels icky.

After a bit of a search, I finally found this on the tea aisle of our local Publix (not sure what other stores carry it).  I originally bought it for my husband, who explained to me that his throat felt like a slab of raw meat, and he wasn’t sure how he was going to be able to work (considering that his job is 75% phone conversation). He made the first cup, added honey and lemon (which we ALWAYS have at our house!) and he was hooked.

A few days later, my throat was sore, and he sweetly made me a cup. Now, I have to say – my favorite is English Breakfast Tea, and I also enjoy Earl Grey. But this stuff was pretty durn tasty! And, while it did not totally vanquish my sore throat, it certainly did calm it quite nicely. And without leaving a bad aftertaste, as some teas can.

I’m a HUGE reader of ingredients, so, just in case you are, too…


I’ve been drinking a cup when I come home from work, just to calm my throat after the day, and my husband leaves every morning with a cup in his hand. We’re definitely hooked now!

What is YOUR favorite tea?

5 thoughts on “Fabulous Find!

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  2. So much wisdom in this alcitre. A few months ago, I purged my home of everything I don’t use or hadn’t used in over 6 months. That meant I donated or threw away everything from clothing to DVDs/CDs, etc It wasn’t really hard for me to let go of all of the stuff because I knew in my heart that it would free up my life and lift a burden I didn’t know I was carrying. In getting rid of so many of my possessions, I opened space not only in my home, but in my heart and soul. The benefits are amazing. My home may look sparse to some, but it’s filled with love and good energy that can move throughout Love that picture of the sage burning, btw! How often do you use it?

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