Everything You Need to Know About Your Oven

My oven needs a good cleaning. How about yours?

Now, I have a self-cleaning oven. But I’m not too thrilled with those results. (Not to mention it makes everything smell so bad that all the windows need to be opened when I clean it, and since it’s still “summer” in Florida…yeah. Not happening! It’s way too hot!

I knew I needed a “recipe” for a cleaning process so I could clean my oven by hand (as much as I didn’t want to have to perform the task), since I wasn’t happy with just flipping the switch. So when Jamie from eReplacement Parts sent me this infographic, I loved it for all the tips and tricks, but I REALLY loved it for the cleaner recipe! Check it out…

Oven Tips & Tricks Promo

I did not know that glass and ceramic baking dishes cooked more effectively than metal, did you? WOW! Can you use any of this information to better your relationship with YOUR oven?

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19 thoughts on “Everything You Need to Know About Your Oven

  1. We have a very old electric oven and I do clean it with baking soda! While it’s not really big enough to cook two things in at once, I like that a difference in 25 degrees wouldn’t change how food cooks much. I’ll have to keep that in mind, we bake several times a week!

  2. My self-cleaning oven works amazingly! Thanks for reminding me that it’s time for a cleaning. I’m with you, it’s way too hot to self-clean an oven during the summer here in SC. I usually clean mine at night. It automatically shuts off and the next morning I just wipe it down and it’s clean. These oven tips and tricks are good to know! Thanks for sharing.

  3. That self cleaning oven idea is terrible. Never works for me! I usually use the baking soda method and let is soak a little and sometimes overnight. Sometimes I use borax, too. But I have to say, although this is one of my least favorite chores, I like seeing the end result. And I find that the sooner I clean up the spills the easier it is to clean.

  4. I don’t have a self cleaning oven but honestly never heard of most of all this. It is really good to know. I generally cook on a baking sheet which I line with foil!

  5. Great infographic! The baking soda-vinegar trick has been around for the longest time and it still does the job. This was a nice, informative read for a kitchen appliance we so often use.

  6. I have a self-cleaning oven and it does an excellent job; no weird smell and does a clean thorough job. The Oven tips you offered are great for those who want to try another approach.

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