Epically Awesome Award of Epic Awesomeness

I know, I know, it’s a long title! But a fun one, right?

Way back in JULY (July 12, to be exact) the lovely Stephanie over at Bee Tree Studios nominated me for an award: the Epically Awesome Award of Epic Awesomeness! I was (and still am!) very honored – thank you so much, Stephanie! I promised that I wouldn’t forget, so, almost three months later, I accept!

To accept I must fulfill a few requirements…

Display Award Logo:


Link back to the person who nominated you:

Bee Tree Studios

Share ten things about yourself:

  1. I was homeschooled from Kindergarten until 9th grade
  2. I used to be a magazine editor
  3. I can sing soprano, alto and tenor. (Not all at the same time, of course…)
  4. I don’t like any kind of citrus fruit. (I know, I know, I live in Florida, so that’s probably illegal, but still.)
  5. My favorite TV show is Grey’s Anatomy
  6. My dream vacation spot is in Greece
  7. Time management is EXTREMELY high on my list of priorities
  8. I have a very hard time sitting still
  9. My favorite movie of all time is The Sound of Music
  10. I can write in calligraphy

Nominate up to 10 other bloggers:

  1. Rochelle Barlow
  2. Lady Blogger
  3. Called to be a Mom
  4. Blessed Learners
  5. Durango Co Deals
  6. Made Actually
  7. Points of Destination

I did seven because that’s my favorite number! And because they are epically awesome, of course!

I hope you all enjoyed, and thanks again, Stephanie! Hope everyone has an epically awesome weekend!

28 thoughts on “Epically Awesome Award of Epic Awesomeness

  1. Great idea. I will share some of the writers I love. Dr Jean Housten, June Singer, Paul Cohello, David Abrahm, Margaret Wheatley, Linda Kohanov, …. and many many more

  2. And to think I thought only my dh had weird foodness for a native Floridian (hates all fish and seafood). But I guess not. Personally, I love citrus. Cannot imagine not liking any of it. Now mangoes, that is a whole other issue. lol

  3. Ohhh! Fun! Thanks!! I love your random facts. My husband lived in Greece for a while. I love love love the Sound of Music — in fact I just sang I Have Confidence to my husband as he walked out the door to work. He just rolled his eyes at me. He hates that movie. Ha ha ha.That’s sad you don’t like citrus fruit, what about pineapple? I love to sit still, but am finding it the more I have on my plate the harder it is to actually sit still and not be doing anything. Boo. I can barely sing alto. I have a very limited range. That’s awesome you can sing tenor. I love low voices. My hubbs sings bass and it’s awesome. I love learning things about my favorite bloggers! You have got to help me with time management! Seriously. I’m not kidding.

    • HA! I was explaining to my husband how I wanted to go to the Trapp Family Lodge in Vermont and stay, and I got an eye roll AND a snicker. I do like pineapple – is that citrus? Maybe I should do some posts on time management…I have to manage my time so I can do that LOL

  4. Sound of Music is the best! My mom took me to Branson, MO when I was sixteen and while we were there we went to see the Trapp grandchildren. SO cool! They sang a lot of the songs from the movie, but they also sang a lot of songs that the Trapp’s actually sang when they toured the US.

  5. OMG…I also have a wide voice range for singing, and my most favorite movie ever is the Sound of Music. We even went on a tour in Austria of all the places they filmed that movie…can we say Epically Awesome!?! Be careful, my friend, the Florida Citrus police are looking for you!

    Congrats on your well deserved award. πŸ™‚
    Life With Lorelai

  6. Awww shucks…I am totally stoked that you even thought of me. Thank you so much!

    I do like the title it is very fun! We like making up phrases in my house. Josh (3) likes to call everybody a coconut donut. I’m not sure why but that’s his thing. Not liking citrus is strange but so is calling everybody a coconut donut. I have a hard time sitting still too, I feel like I’m cheating. Singing all those tones at one time would make you an ultimate “one man band”…Awesome! I know, I’m a sick dreamer. LOL!!

    You deserve every bit of the nomination because your just cool like that!

  7. Thanks for the nomination! I love that you can write in calligraphy. That is awesome. I do love to learn interesting facts of my blogging friends. You are right, that might be a sin that you don’t like any citrus in Florida πŸ™‚

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