Distinctive Deck Designs – Creating a Smaller Carbon Footprint, One Deck at a Time! – A Guest Post!

Happy Friday, everyone! On Fridays I start thinking more about the weekend, because it’s almost upon us, and I don’t know about you, but I’m normally pretty ready for the weekend!

Recently my hubby and I had the back yard fenced in with a pretty white PVC-material privacy fence, and it’s opened a whole new range of options for us. One of them that I’m really pushing for is something I’m calling my “Star-Gazing Deck”. I LOVE looking at the stars at night, and I really want a specific place (that can be used during the day, of course) but is specifically used at night to lay out on and gaze at the stars! The perfect thing to do over the weekends, especially!

So imagine my surprise that, as we’re discussing putting a deck in the back yard and the implications of that, Tatum Williams from Distinctive Deck Designs contacted me with a guest post idea! She definitely made ME think, and I hope she’ll make you think, too! Here’s what she had to say…


There are many concerns when building a deck, one of which is what impact a deck can have on the environment. Since trees are constantly cut down to create the great deal of lumber needed for these projects, many people have decided to give composite decking a try. Depending on the company, composite decking can be made mostly out of recycled materials; for instance, Trex decking is primarily comprised of 95% recycled materials while saving 400 million pounds of plastic and  wood from landfills a year. With every green conscious deck that is built, it is important to consider the materials you are using and the landscaping of the location before proceeding.

Some may argue that there are some natural materials out there that you could build your deck with that would not impact the Earth greatly, but with any removal of trees, you are affecting the eco-system of where that tree is harvested from. Buying composite decking that is made from recycled material not only saves eco-systems from further destruction, but makes use of all the discarded plastic and lumber that would otherwise be considered trash.

Composite decking is also easier to maintain. With a composite deck, there is no need to replace decaying or splintering boards from years of weathering, and also no need to stain your deck over and over again when things began to fade, decreasing your overall cost of the deck.


Making sure your location to build the deck is eco-responsible is essential to installing a green deck. Ask yourself if you would be killing any plants or native habitats in the region. If you have trees in your backyard, see if you can build in-between them rather than cutting them down to make room. Wrapping the deck around the tree is also a great way to sustain the environment and add a little something extra to your deck. You will be happy you kept the tree for the extra shade on those hotter days!

Certain accessories for your deck, such as lighting, have increased in popularity for people wanting to use their deck at night. You do not have to buy high voltage lights; there are a variety of solar powered lights for decking that range from stair lighting to flood lights.

Tatum Williams is the Marketing Representative for Distinctive Deck Designs, a company experienced in creating decks from composite materials. Distinctive Deck Designs knows that there are many environmentally conscious people out there that want a deck, but do not want to impact the environment in the process. If you’d like more information, contact them today for a free consultation and have the deck you have always dreamed about! (You’ve GOTTA check out their website – they have some beautiful examples of ways they can transform your outdoor space! CLICK HERE!)

Thanks, Tatum! I must admit that I hadn’t even given a thought to composite decking, building around existing trees or solar powered lights! All fantastic ideas! Are you reading this, honey?

And what about you? Do you have a deck? Are you planning to have one? What do you think about composite decking versus wood?

94 thoughts on “Distinctive Deck Designs – Creating a Smaller Carbon Footprint, One Deck at a Time! – A Guest Post!

  1. I like composite decking. You get the look of wood without the risk of splinters or the feel of it under your feet when the weather is undesirable. You’re right on another point as well, we need to keep all that plastic out of the eco-system. I’m sure it’s doing more damage than we even know about and what we already know is bad enough.

  2. We put a treated wood deck on the front of our house just a few years ago. Oh how I wish I would have thought to use Composite decking. Do you know how many trees died to give me a deck? I don’t either, but I bet it was a few, maybe more… who knows. Now, I need a new deck again and I don’t want to kill any more trees.

  3. I would like to have a deck built, but I’ve never really thought much about it other than to make sure it is sturdy enough to hold everyone. I’ve seen too many horror stories of decks collapsing. I like the idea of composite decking. I can see where you’d defintely save alot of time and money on maintenance and upkeep. The patterned deck floor is cool too!

  4. My husband built the back deck onto our home several years ago. He did a fantastic job and added some touches to keep it from being plain. I actually have it in the line-up for a blog post soon. We considered composite decking but preferred good old fashioned pressure treated lumber, because it is a natural resource with outdoor charm. I, too, like to star gave! I have had my husband out there at night doing just that!

  5. Having a degree in Environmental Science you know I am all for this idea! I live in an apartment and do not have a balcony even so I could not utilize these ideas–I sincerely hope that those of you who are considering a deck think about this !!!!!!!!

  6. That first deck is beautiful! We spend a ton of time outside so we use both the front porch and flagstone patio a lot. I grew up in rainy Washington state and we always had decks but the wood would always need a lot of up keep. My mother’s beach house on the Washington coast has Trex and she loves it.

  7. Oh I love the pattern on that deck! What a fun idea to have a star-gazing area 🙂 That sounds like a relaxing way to spend the evening. We don’t have a deck, but once our pool is in we are going to install pavers throughout the backyard.

  8. We only have a screened porch for now. I would love to have a deck one day, I think I’d like to have a fenced backyard first. So many things I want to do, I need to win the lottery!

  9. I’ve always dreamed of a composite deck! In our area, they are a lot more expensive than using treated lumber. Of course, they hold up much better and are so pretty! I love the design on the picture you shared. I had never even thought that a design could be incorporated. Thanks for sharing!

  10. We have a cement patio that surrounds our pool. We live in a warm weather state and it is easy to maintain. It is wonderful that they have all of the great material out there that you can use and not harm the environment by doing so. I do like the second deck and could see myself using having that.

  11. We are actually replacing our deck this spring. We haven’t decided yet what we are going to use for materials but my husband and I are building it ourselves.

  12. Our house doesn’t have room for a deck but it does have a patio. If we ever did replace it I would consider blocks, stamped concrete or composite boards. I’d have to know more about the process of production before I could agree that using composite materials actually is more green.

  13. We have a patio, but I would certainly consider a composite deck. I had no idea they could build decks out of 95% recycled materials. Oh, and I’m envious of the stone patio you mention in the comment above. 🙂

  14. We did remove our deck several years ago and while discussing whether or not to replace it we opted for a ‘patio’ instead. We were looking for long term low maintenance and a bag of sand to fill in gaps occasionally is pretty low maintenance. I’d never thought of the imprint from bricks, but I think we’re o.k. there… but now you’ve got me curious.. will be googling to see now. I do love composite and plastics for yards now.. love the ‘low maintenance’ longevity of the products. Who wants to put in all that money and hard work only to have to be doing repairs just a few years later (and a few years older!). “if” we were to talk new deck I would be looking at those products for sure!

  15. I love the look of the composite decking. It has been quite awhile since I priced it, but if I remember correctly, it was more expensive at first, but the upkeep made it more affordable and it lasts just about forever, so in the long run, it would be cheaper. Plus the added environmental benefit of it being recycled materials!

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  17. Those pictures were great. I am particularly interested in the white PVC privacy fencing that you guys put up. How is it working out? I’d like to do the same thing at our house. So hard to pick the right vendor, who not only does professional work, but stands by their product. Any suggestions?

    • We LOVE the fence! We live in central Florida, and we chose a company that has a good reputation here, so they have no choice but to stand behind their work LOL We love the fact that it won’t break down like a wooden fence will. No painting. No replacing boards. No bowing or splintering, etc. if it gets dirty? It pressure-washes clean easily! I would recommend looking around your neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods for the kind of fence you want. It should have the company’s badge on it somewhere. Then you can check their reputation and go from there! If I’m getting ready to use a new company I haven’t used before, sometimes I throw it out to my Fscebook friends for opinions, too. You can find out all kinds of stuff that way LOL Good luck!

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