Christmas Holiday Shelf

I know, I know, I should have shown this to you WAY before now…but it needed something, and I couldn’t figure out what! I finally figured it out, so now it’s done. Behold…the 2013 Christmas Holiday Shelf!


Allow me to explain…

My “theme” for Christmas this year (yes, I have a theme every year) is “I’m Dreamin’ of a White Christmas”. So that should tell you why the shelf is mostly white!


I added the “garland” at the bottom to give it a little more depth. (They’re rose petals strung on a little white ribbon!)


With this Holiday Shelf theme, I knew what I wanted, and I just started gathering things all shades of white, and threw in some silver and some gold…and some clear, right?! Why not?!

So here you can see the pearlized white, the clear white and the so-silver-it’s-almost-white white.


I LOVE this candle! I could never think of lighting it – so pretty, and I love the reindeer!


These pretty fun doo-dahs (as I call them) just add a little sparkle to the shelf!



But I also like soft whites…so…



I actually wore those pearls on our wedding day! They fit here beautifully, though! (And I think they’re pretty enough to still be on display!)

My cousin found this cutie when we were out shopping, and it smells so good, due to the little sachet inside! Makes the entryway so welcoming!


And what’s with the 3, you ask?


It’s in honor of mine and Jerrod’s 3rd Christmas together as a married couple! Thought it would be cool to include it!

The gold dish was a GoodWill special (I’m not kidding)…


…and the decorative white ball came from Hobby Lobby. And it’s all enhanced by the pin I wore in my hair on our wedding day!

So this is what folks see when they first walk into the house!


Does it make you think of a white Christmas? I love it!

45 thoughts on “Christmas Holiday Shelf

  1. Impressed with the theme, I did that years ago when the girls were younger. Now I just let them open boxes and decorate…it is like having elves in the house! I do like how you incorporated items from your wedding ~ think that is special especially since I got married in December. Thanks for sharing.

  2. My first thought of the shelf was “winter” or “winter wonderland.” I love the details and the personalization with the number and pearls. Very nice!

  3. I love everything about your Christmas Shelf. I would have thought the 3 was for 2013 until you clarified, how cool you’ll have a 4 for 2014, letting the shelf ring out each year. I love tone on tone decorating and Neutrals are a house favorite, beautiful how you added so many personal touches to the theme, making it so very special 🙂 Here’s to seeing many more shelves in your life! <3

  4. I would never have thought to have a color theme, I love it! I really like how you incorporated your wedding jewelry and the three for the number of years you have been married. The whole shelf is beautiful!

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