The 2016 Fall Holiday Shelf!

Well, it’s been a while, folks! I know it’s the first day of Fall, and I’ve been pretty quiet. No worries, I’m still around – my days are simply full of poop and formula and naps and…BABIES!

The girls are doing so well! They actually just moved off the preemie charts onto the “regular baby” charts, and their pediatrician (and their mom and dad, of course) are thrilled with how well they’re progressing! We are so thankful!

But another thing I’m thankful for is FALL. If you’ve been around the blog at all, you know I LOVE FALL! It’s my favorite season, and I really talk it up. Especially in Florida. Where it’s still 90 degrees during the Fall, I HAVE to talk it up, right?!

Sooo…Happy FIRST DAY OF FALL to everyone! In honor of this blessed season, I wanted to share with you nothing less than my 2016 Fall Holiday Shelf! (Because giving birth to twin girls one-and-a-half-months early is no excuse for NOT decorating for Fall! At least around our house!) When this time of the year rolls around, it’s still #myreason for jumping into the season of decorating!

And I’m totally stoked to share this particular shelf design because the elements came from the awesome folks of At Home!

Now, if you’ve never been to an At Home store, stop right now, head over to and check it out! It’s like an enormous warehouse full of all things wonderful for your home, inside and out! Check out what I found for the shelf…


Don’t you LOVE the “coastal” look? (I mean, kinda paying tribute to the lovely state where I live with these Fall accents, right?)

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A Very Special Announcement!

Well, folks, today we have a very special announcement: exactly one week ago (and a good deal EARLY) our family doubled from 2 to 4! Baby G and Baby M joined us on Friday, August 12, when a routine doctor’s appointment turned very non-routine very quickly! 


We are thrilled and thankful and overwhelmed and very very happy! The girls are still in the NICU, but they are doing incredibly well. As you can imagine, you may not see me around the blog for a little bit, but no worries! I’ll be back soon enough – with tons more stories than usual, for sure!

Thank you so much for all your thoughts, prayers and well-wishes during this time!

Due to the amount of comments from all of my wonderful readers, it is not always possible for me to respond to each one. However, I absolutely do read them all, and if you’d like to address something specific, or have a question for me, please don’t hesitate to email me at I will respond to your email as soon as possible! Thank you for visiting the blog!

Van’s Back to School Giveaway – with Joy Bauer!

Please Note: This giveaway was facilitated by Van’s Foods. I was not compensated for this post but did receive free product samples and all opinions are my own.

Well, are you back to school yet? About half of us around here went back to school earlier this week, and the rest will hit the books bright and early Monday morning! Woot woot! And along those lines, I am SO excited to partner with Van’s to celebrate modern moms and help make their lives a little easier, just in time for back-to-school!

And what is one of the most important keys to a successful back to school routine? Breakfast!

But breakfast doesn’t have to be stressful. Quick, wholesome options like Van’s waffles offer protein and whole grains that are so delicious moms feel great about serving them and kids love eating them!

For instance, check out this recipe for Banana & Honey Minis!


Van’s conducted a survey of 1,000 moms and asked them to describe their mornings.

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JORD and You – Unique Gifts for Your Special Someone!

You may remember back at the end of May that one of the ways we celebrated Father’s Day was with a JORD Wooden Watch for my hubby!


(If you missed that post, CLICK HERE!)

Watch fiend that he is, he still wears this piece often, and always gets lots of compliments on it! So…I may have gotten just a little bit jealous. 

Now, let me lead in by saying that I’ve never been much of a watch person, myself. It’s not that I dislike them or anything of the sort – I just never developed any kind of an affinity towards them.

But JORD has changed my mind about watches, I must say. And, I’ve gotta say: whatever the occasion, watches are a great way to reward and remind someone of all the hard work and time they’ve put into accomplishing something. Like a graduation gift. Or a back to school gift. Or a just because gift! 

Sooo…I decided to test out a JORD wooden watch for myself – one of their women’s watches, of course! Check out this pretty one that arrived in the mail for me:


You’ll just have to ignore the puffy preggo hands and fingers, folks! This is the Cora series, the Purpleheart & Mother of Pearl option! Is it not GORGEOUS?!

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Celebrate National Ice Cream Month with Graeter’s! (GIVEAWAY INCLUDED!)

Here in Florida, our temps have been averaging out at about 95 degrees every day. That’s with me being seven-and-a-half months pregnant with twins, by the way. It’s HOT. I’m extra thankful for our air conditioning, and I’m REALLY thankful for any kind of COLD treat. Like ice cream, for example.

However, even being the ice cream lover that I am, I had no idea that July was National Ice Cream Month! Did YOU know that?! (I can’t believe you didn’t tell me!) I’m excited to celebrate it, and National Ice Cream DAY, of course, which is July 17! And one of the best ways to celebrate ice cream is to do it with Graeter’s!


Graeter’s Ice Cream is a nationally recognized and awarded ice cream brand (Named Top 5 in the Country by the Food Network!) that was founded over 146 years ago in Cincinnati, OH. The fourth-generation family owned and operated company has perfected the art of using the French Pot, a traditional, small batch artisanal process of making ice cream. Known for their indulgent, premium flavors and ingredients, they’re also widely recognized for their gargantuan gourmet chocolate chips. 


As you can see, I thought it best to try out several flavors of Graeter’s…just to get the full effect, you know!

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