4 Kitchen Knives That Are Worth Every Penny

I need some new knives. How about you? 

If there’s one thing I hate, it’s when I grab a knife for an important part of food prep, and I find it dull. Or Not the right size. Or with an uncomfortable handle. But if you’ve ever “knife shopped”, you know the possibilities are endless! How on earth do you choose? Well…hopefully this post will help you out!  

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If you are a keen admirer of the culinary arts and want to take your cooking to the next level, buying a high-quality knife is one of the best things you can do. While going for a cheaper alternative might be a tempting proposition, you can save a lot of time and effort by investing in a durable tool that could last you for years. Since, like I said,  there are many choices out there, I’ve rounded them down to just four that are considered to be the best bargain for your money. Here are four kitchen knives that are worth every penny!

4 Kitchen Knives That Are Worth Every Penny

Kuma Multi-Purpose

Kuma is a family run company whose purpose is to produce the finest items related to cutlery and craftsmanship. The whole design philosophy behind Kuma chef knives is to create tools that combine high cutting performance with maneuverability and aesthetics.  

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Get Ready for Summer! + HM #183

Welcome to the Home Matters Linky Party #183! Our theme today is Get Ready for Summer! (It’s hard to  believe I just typed that – it’s the middle of May, folks! What happened?!) As fast as 2018 is moving along, it’s best to go ahead and get ready for the next season. At least WE thought it was a good idea! So let’s go for it! #Summer #HomeMattersParty

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Get Ready for Summer! + HM #183 

I have twin 20-month-old girls, so my motto literally is PREPARATION! Hopefully I’ve found you some great ways that you can implement in your summer preps! Check these out…

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Mother’s Day Celebration Ideas + HM #182

Welcome to the Home Matters Linky Party #182! Our theme today is Mother’s Day Celebration Ideas! Do you have specific ways you celebrate Mother’s Day each year, or is it different depending on your circumstances? Are you looking for some fresh ideas? I hope I can help you with that today! #MothersDay #HomeMattersParty

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Mother’s Day Celebration Ideas + HM #182 

From cards and printables to decor and food, and of course, gift ideas, check out what I’ve found for you this week! 

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New Product Review – Tandoor Chef!

I’ve never really been one to love Indian food.

(That may sound like a terrible way to begin a review on a line of Authentic Indian Cuisine…but bear with me!)

I’m a gal who tends to get in a rut with food. I find something I like and I stick with it – to a fault, most times. I’m not very good at branching out of my comfort zone, and I’m not one for anything spicy – that’s why I’ve always stayed away from Indian Cuisine.


So when Sarah from Tandoor Chef contacted me about reviewing some of their products, my first inclination was to politely decline. But then I decided, you know what? It’s time to try something new! And can I just say…I’m SO glad I made that decision!

Tandoor Chef uses only the finest Indian spices and flavors to make their authentic Indian food, and of course, I was sold right off the bat with their gluten-free and vegetarian/vegan options!

I picked up and taste-tested three different frozen dinners from Tandoor Chef: Chicken Tikka Masala, Chicken Tandoori with Spinach and Kofta Curry!


I decided to give the Chicken Tikka Masala a go first:

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Cinco de Mayo Fiesta Ideas + HM #181

Welcome to the Home Matters Linky Party #181! Our theme today is Cinco de Mayo Fiesta Ideas! How do YOU celebrate Cinco de Mayo at your house? Big deal? Little deal? No deal? Hopefully you can get some great ideas from today’s post! #CincodeMayo #HomeMattersParty

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Cinco de Mayo Fiesta Ideas + HM #181 So, one of my favorite things to make and look at are…CUPCAKES! I figured for this lil’ roundup, I’d share some AWESOME Cinco de Mayo cupcake ideas! Because, really, who DOESN’T love a good cupcake?!

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