Analysis of an Apron

On a daily basis, I open my pantry door and grab for an apron.

See them hanging there in the corner?


I was chatting with a friend last week, and she mentioned to me that her mother-in-law buys her all kinds of aprons! I also have another friend who collects aprons (I’ll have to introduce you to her collection sometime, it’s really amazing!) and I got to thinking about MY aprons.

Some people are amused at the fact that I wear an apron to cook, but I normally do it because I come home from work in work clothes and start dinner. It’s easier for me to just throw an apron on, cook, eat dinner and THEN change into my comfies than to change, then get ready to cook. I think I lose momentum or something, ha!

But each of my aprons has a story.

The white one:

photo-2 copy

This is the only apron I bought myself. There’s just something about putting on a fresh, white, clean apron that I LOVE. This one hangs at the front and is normally the first one I grab!

The red one:


I received this one at a Women’s Ministry event, and it’s especially great for Christmas! Any time I’m working in the kitchen at the church, I make it a point to wear this one, too! Can you read the inscription? It says “Love Finds a Way”. One of my faves!

The vintage one:


This apron was my grandma’s, and I have lots of memories of cooking in the kitchen with her, while she was wearing this apron! I use this one especially when I’m doing something that makes a big mess, because the bib comes up pretty high! And it makes me smile!

The missions one:


My aunt gave me this one. It’s hand painted, and supports missions in Africa! Lots of us in my family are huge supporters of missions  – and this one helps to remind me what’s really important!

The pretty one:


My mom bought me this one. Can you read the text? “Domestic Diva!” That might be pushing it a little, but it sure is fun to take off a messy apron and put this one on right before guests arrive! Cute little rhinestone bow and all!

Do you have anything special around your home that you use all the time, but carries a story along with it? Do tell! I LOVE this stuff!

30 thoughts on “Analysis of an Apron

  1. I love aprons too. Whenever my granddaughter and I “cook” (she is almost 3), we have to wear aprons. I just bought her her own for this holiday. I am sure she will love her mini-sized copy of grandma’s. You have a great collection of treasures!

  2. I have several aprons too, and of course I love them! Most of mine carry a story as well. This was a really cute post idea, maybe I’ll have to snag it and do something similar. 🙂 I think your vintage apron warms my heart the most.

    p.s, – I linked to your Christmas Home Tour series in my blog post today…loved it! 🙂

    Life With Lorelai

  3. I also collect aprons, and have many vintage ones passed down from family members. I dont often wear a full apron, but my favorite apron is a half apron with hand made lace on the bottom. Sadly it is stained from much wear over the years, but I love using it anyways!
    My favorite one is the Domestic Diva one! Good taste, Mom, good taste! 🙂
    Blessings to you
    ~Heather @ The Welcoming House

  4. I enjoyed the Apron tour! I also have a small collection of aprons, all with meaning. I agree with Lorelai, I may have to copy-cat your idea because it is so awesome. Wearing aprons while cooking makes me feel a little more adept at what I’m doing somehow 🙂

  5. I need to invest in an apron. I’ve ruined (with grease stains or something else) on my nice shirts and weren’t able to wear them again because I couldn’t get the stain out. You’d think I’d learn by now and go out and get one. I have yet to buy one. Hmm, maybe a gift for myself. 🙂 Things that carry stories and are precious to me are on my tree.

  6. No Aprons in my house, I’m afraid someone may think I could actually cook! mom still wears them and I’d bet my daughter would love a new one! I have some old linens from my grandmother, they’ve been in storage so long, it would probably be a great idea to repurpose some of the sturdier ones into an apron.. now I have to learn to sew!! sheesh.. maybe I can barter some fresh eggs for some sewing … hmmmmm… any takers?

  7. I like aprons as well. All of mine are worn out! I need to make a new one. I have the material, but my sewing machine is buried in the garage because we are S very slowly re-doing the back bedroom where it usually is. I have ruined a few shirts by not having one. I guess I should buy one for now? I find it difficult to get an apron large enough to protect my clothing the way I want it to ( I am plus sized) so I prefer making them, but a smaller one would be better than none at this point. Shirts are not cheap! LOL

  8. You are a domestic goddess! I gave away all my aprons in this last move because I never wore them, I was living by the rule if you don’t use then loose it. I hope mine made they way to someone’s happy home!

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