6 Fun and Frugal Ways to Spend Your Free Time

If there’s one problem that us humans never fail to solve, it’s being bored. These days, most people who find themselves with nothing to do end up binging Netflix, browsing Instagram, or playing Xbox. While you are obviously free to do with your spare time as you please, it’s worth considering how excessive media consumption can affect your life.

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In a 25-year study of over 3,200 people, participants who watched television for more than three hours per day performed worse on cognitive tests than those who spent less time behind the screen. Another study of 11,000 teenagers found that girls who use social media were more likely to suffer from poor sleep quality and depression. 

But let’s not get too morbid here. You’ve come this far, which means that you’re interested in finding fun and frugal ways to spend your free time. Fortunately, your options are wide in variety and plenty in number. And if you’re anything like me, and sometimes need a break from all things domestic, here are six ideas to help you get started.

Learn to Meditate

Meditation can help you relieve stress, overcome fatigue, improve your attention span, and much more. It’s a simple, guilt-free way to kill a few minutes no matter where you are. 

Delve Into Parkour

Parkour involves finding the fastest route between two points. 

While you can do it anywhere, it’s most commonly practiced in urban areas where you can navigate more challenging paths that call for special maneuvers, such as flips and rolls. Parkour improves your balance, strength, coordination, and quick-decision skills. Plus, it’s a social activity, and there’s probably a nearby parkour community for you to join. 

Watch a Sports Game

If you’re looking for something thrilling and exciting that doesn’t require too much physical movement, perhaps a seat at your local stadium will fit the bill. 

You can learn more about a sport you’re unfamiliar with, make new friends, and feel the energy from the passionate crowd that surrounds you. Head over to TicketSales.com to find out about the events in your area. 

Master Some Card Tricks

Being able to manipulate a deck of cards with the proficiency of a magician is undeniably cool. All you need is a dollar for the cards and some patience. If it doesn’t work out, you can always call up a friend for a game of poker instead. 

Start a Blog

Whether you’re feeling a little creative or you have an opinion to share with the world, starting a blog is a great idea. (Obviously this my MY favorite idea!) Most platforms, including WordPress and Blogger, offer a free plan to help you get started without spending a penny. Blogging is a great way to explore your thoughts, expand your vocabulary, and perhaps even make some money. 


Juggling improves your dexterity and hand-eye coordination. It’s also quite soothing. Sure, you probably don’t plan on joining a circus anytime soon, but if you get it right, you’ll have one more party trick up your sleeve. 

Hopefully, you’ll be able to get some enjoyment from at least one of these activities. Don’t hesitate to think outside of the box and search for other fun and frugal ways to spend your free time.

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