5 Stamped Concrete Patio Ideas For Your Small Backyard

A stamped concrete patio is the perfect choice for elevating your small patio into an inviting space for entertaining. It takes a plain and boring concrete patio and transforms it into a patio that looks modern and expensive, all at a cost-effective price that does not break the bank. And these days, concrete contractors like https://www.dallasdecorativeconcrete.com/ can achieve just about any design you want without making it obvious that it’s stamped concrete. 

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For a small patio, it’s a good idea to maximize the space and choose a floor design that is eye-catching so as to allow you to go minimal on the furnishings. This will both make space look larger while also allowing you to save some money on furnishings, or maximize the impact that other elements (like your outdoor blinds in Brisbane – or any other area in which you reside) have!

For small concrete patios in need of a stamped concrete makeover, here are five great ideas for your backyard:

“Slate” Stamped Concrete

Slate is a kind of metamorphic rock that comes from the transformation of rocks after exposure to great heat and pressure. It is the finest-grained kind of metamorphic rock and is usually various shades of grey, but more unique forms of slate can also come in green or purple.

It is an extremely popular flooring material because of its unique appearance and beauty, as well as its surprisingly durable nature. But it also comes with a hefty price tag as well as a vulnerability to damage. It is a material that needs constant maintenance, which can further add to the overall costs.

Stamped concrete can solve these issues. Concrete contractors can mimic the look of slate perfectly, but it comes at a lower cost and with all the benefits of concrete floors. Concrete is durable, has great durability, and is stain-resistant when sealed. This means that you won’t have to worry about constant maintenance nor about spilling some drinks on it when entertaining in your new stamped concrete patio.

A Stamped Concrete Border

If you like the look of plain floors but still want some kind of decoration and design for your patio, consider a stamped concrete border. It can neatly delineate the patio while also adding a cool design to your outdoor space.

The border width is up to you as well as the actual stamped design. You can choose a wider border to have more space to design, especially if you want a large-scale pattern. But this design idea could also work if you choose a narrow border to maximize the look of the space within the border. 

Stamped Concrete That Looks Like Travertine

Travertine is a kind of sedimentary limestone that is usually found in big deposits near mineral and hot springs. It comes in a variety of colors – white, cream, beige, and darker rust and brown shades. Travertine is a popular building material, especially for flooring.

It is an incredibly attractive and stylish flooring material that is also durable. But travertine needs a lot of maintenance to sustain its appearance and is a very costly material.

Travertine-style floors can be achieved in a stamped concrete patio. Contractors can achieve many faux stone floors in all manners of styles and colors, and travertine is just one of them. Choose a light stain to make space appear larger or choose a darker-colored “travertine” if you’re looking to make your patio warm and cozy.

Faux Wood Floor

Wooden floors are hard to work with. They need constant maintenance, are vulnerable to moisture damage, and will have to be protected against insects and weeds. But they also create a great appearance for the patio in your backyard, especially in a space that has a lot of green plants.

Stamped concrete can mimic the exact aesthetic quality of a wooden patio, but without the cons that come with wooden floors. Instead, you will have concrete floors (made to look like wood) which are durable, stain-resistant, and moisture-resistant when sealed. 

You also have the choice of choosing the kind of wood you want to mimic in your stamped concrete patio so you have a great variety of choices.

“Brick”-Style Stamped Concrete

Another popular flooring material for patios is brick, which can give a rustic and endearingly imperfect look to your patio. Brick floors give warmth while also giving the benefit of customizability to homeowners.

Brick comes in a variety of colors, finishing textures, and sizes. Any variety of these three variables can be mimicked with stamped concrete. By stamping the desired pattern and size of the “bricks” into wet concrete, you can achieve the look of brick with stamped concrete at a lighter cost while also receiving the various benefits that come with concrete floors like durability.

So what about YOUR patio? Think you could benefit from some stamping out there?

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