15 Helpful Holiday Printables!

I added more things to my calendar for December last night…and almost had a panic attack. A mild one. Just teesy weensy, you know. But still. The feeling started to rise up where I started thinking, “How on earth am I gonna get all of this done…”  So I closed my planner and took a HOT shower – all better!

I know the panic will probably return, so when it does, I will be prepared – with plenty of planning tools! 15 FREE PRINTABLES, to be exact! And I wanted to share them with all of you!

So let’s get started! If you’d like to have any of these for yourself, simply click on the text below the image for the download! (They have each been created by ME, and I give you permission to take them!)

Can I just start with this one? I call it a “Christmas” prayer, but it’s really for all of the holidays! It’s the perfect way to kick things off!



This next one is great if you find you’ll have houseguests during the holidays!

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A Private Tour of Colonial Williamsburg!

**PLEASE NOTE: While John Sutton and Williamsburg Private Tours DID provide me with a tour at no cost, I was not in any way paid for my review. The following opinion is hereby my own.**

I’m so excited about today’s post – it’s really a special one!

At the beginning of November, my husband had to go away on business for two whole weeks. While both of us had been away for work events since we had been married, two weeks was slated to be the longest we’d ever been away from each other since we had FIRST MET! And, while I don’t think he’d call me a needy wife, we were both a bit unsure of how we would do away from each other for that length of time.

So I decided to fly up to Virginia Beach and spend a weekend with him!

Thanks to Hotwire, I got round-trip tickets and a rental car for under $300 – quite the deal, if I do say so myself! My plan was to travel up on Friday afternoon, spend all day Saturday with him, and then come back home on Sunday.

But what were we going to do on Saturday? Virginia Beach is quite the happening place when it’s warm, but it was in the 30’s and 40’s that weekend. I wasn’t going anywhere near the ocean, and most of the area’s “beach tourism” spots were closed down because of the weather.

In my snooping around, I discovered that we would be just about an hour away from Williamsburg, Virginia!

Now, any U.S. history buffs like myself know what a draw Colonial Williamsburg is, right?! Both Jerrod and I really enjoy historical destinations during our travels, and neither one of us had ever been to Williamsburg (believe it or not), so it was the perfect destination!

But how on earth could we see everything? I mean, I knew we could walk through and SEE everything, but as far as actually knowing all those special details behind the historic sites…I was worried we would miss all that.

So…I decided to book a tour. And literally, the first website I stumbled upon was Williamsburg Private Tours, and it belonged to John Sutton.

Meet John:


Well, that’s John on the right, ha! This is me and John outside Christiana Campbell’s Tavern, which was George Washington’s favorite tavern to hang out in in Williamsburg! (The fact that I LOVE to cook and bake and serve others and that my name is Kristen Campbell is no coincidence, I’m sure!)

When I came across John’s website, I was pretty impressed! You can check it out by CLICKING HERE. I contacted him to see if he was available to give a tour on the Saturday that we had planned to be in Williamsburg, and he was!

We arrived in downtown Williamsburg about 15 minutes ahead of our tour and discovered a wonderful market happening in Merchants Square!

I do love a good market on a Saturday! #merchantcircle

It was great to poke around, see all the items up for sale, and also enjoy local shops, like The Cheese Shop! <— So amazing!

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Clever Storage Solutions at Home

I’ve been working on a few details around my home that needed some attention, and all of them were storage related. So I thought it was pretty funny when Sofia Lewis sent me a guest post to share with all of you called Clever Storage Solutions at Home. I thought it was even funnier when I read it and realized that everything she was talking about was everything I had just done, ha! So, without further ado, here’s Sofia:

Having more free space at home is becoming a highly valued commodity. It should come as no surprise either – people have different hobbies, interests and daily routines that require a ton of things they need to find storage solutions for. Thankfully, the market offers a nice set of options to help in the search for more space at home. You can now pick whatever works best for you and it can be fairly easy to implement, too. A lot of the storage solutions can be transformed into do-it-yourself projects around the house, and with enough time and vision, you can turn your home into a real storage unit.

Clever Storage Solutions at Home (2)

Let’s look at few options that can help you on your quest of finding more storage space.

  • Drawer organizers and dividers – if you have enough drawers you may think you have enough space, but chances are that if your drawers are just filled without order, they will soon be overflowing. You will soon find out that you are left with too much stuff and no place in your drawers. To maximize their potential, you should consider using drawer organizers and dividers. These are a smart solution to help you utilize the space in your drawers to the maximum. Your tools, kitchen accessories or whatever else you put inside will be in order and thus you can fill more.

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Safety Instructions for Air Conditioning Repairs

I know it’s getting a bit cooler now, but a few short weeks ago here in Florida, we had some big air conditioning troubles at our house. And if there’s anywhere you DON’T want to have air conditioning problems, it’s definitely FLORIDA!

We tried a few different things (in our total inexperience with air conditioners) and nothing worked. We  finally called a local company to come out and repair it for us.

So when Jake Hyet contacted me regarding a guest post on fixing your OWN air conditioner, I thought it was a fantastic idea! Let’s see what secrets he has for us…

When you find yourself having trouble with your air conditioning, your first thought is to call for the repairman to come out and make air conditioning repairs.  However, you just might be able to identify and fix certain problems yourself and do it safely, too.  Here are some steps to take to safely repair your air conditioner before you call in a repairman:


The Air Conditioner Doesn’t Turn On

1.  First check to be sure that the thermostat is set to “cool.”

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