A Guide to Staining Concrete in Your Home

When it comes to flooring, there are so many options these days! Carpet? Tile? Laminate? Wood? What’s your preference?

How about…concrete?

Oh, now you’re thinking outside. Well, maybe. But what about inside? Would you be okay with having concrete floors in your home?

If you had asked me that question several weeks ago, I would have frowned. NOPE! I do NOT want concrete floors INside my house, are you kidding me?

But then the folks at KSI Kitchens sent me some valuable information to share with all of you, and I started picturing different spaces in my home with concrete floors! Check out what they had to say…and show!

Concrete is usually celebrated for its durability more than it is for its looks. While some people may find beauty in gray concrete, most homeowners are less than excited about plain concrete floors in their house. Fortunately, concrete can be given a complete makeover with an acid or acrylic stain. It’s a have-your-cake-and-eat-it-too scenario: you get to keep the durability of the material while also improving its aesthetic appeal.

If you’re thinking about staining a concrete floor in your home, you’ll most likely want to work with a professional. It is possible to stain your own concrete floor, but there’s a lot of room for error—too little stain will leave the original color showing through, and an overzealous application can easily leave you with roller lines and mop swirls permanently etched into the floor.

Of course, just because you’re hiring a professional doesn’t mean you can’t be part of the process. Here’s what you need to know about what your contractor will be doing every step of the way.

First, it’s up to you to…

Choose a Space


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Five for Fall…PLUS Fall Home Tour!

I’ve held back as long as I could manage! I LOVE Fall! And, living in Florida, I kinda have to make Fall happen inside my house on my own, because the weather doesn’t normally cooperate OUTSIDE the house! No worries, I think I’ve covered it this year!

So, step one: The Fall Holiday Shelf! I’ve already shared that with you, but if you missed it, you can see all the details by CLICKING HERE!


Now, step two: I’ve been over on Pinterest pinning Fall-like recipes since LAST Fall, and I picked out five that I just had to try for all of you! Without further ado, here are my Five for Fall!

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On Prepping for a Busy Season!

I know, I know. You saw the word “season” and you think I’m already talking about the holidays. Well, no, not specifically.

I’m talking about those time when you can see “busy” approaching on the horizon. Where you look ahead on the calendar and realize that next month is going to be NUTS. You’re instantly overwhelmed and not at all sure if you’ll make it through or not. How do you deal with that?

In the months of October, November and December, I literally slash my prices for my photography business in half. People are wanting photos for Christmas cards, and family is in town for those extended-family shots, and I feel that everyone should be able to capture memories for a reasonable price! In a normal month I do anywhere from 3-5 photo shoots, but in these three months I literally do DOZENS. Did I mention part of the deal is a less-than-a-week turnaround? Oh, and that I’m still working a full-time job and maintaining this blog while I’m doing all these photo shoots? Yeah. “BUSY” is the word!

**Warning – I’m inserting a shameless promo: Check out my photography website by clicking here!**

So in September, I start prepping for the crazy that will become my life in the next three months. And I thought I’d share a few tips with everyone on Prepping for a Busy Season, just in case you see some crazy coming your way!

PicMonkey Collage

1. Plan FAR in advance

You may feel silly planning three months down the road, but trust me. When things start happening quickly, and it’s hard to think straight because there’s so much going on, you will be SO glad you did!

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Home Matters Linky Party #10

Welcome back to Home Matters Linky Party!


We are continuing to grow and are seeing more link-ups each week. Last week, we maxed out our numbers to 82! So keep on linking as we always look forward to seeing your matters of the home links such as: home décor tips and tricks, DIY, homesteading, homeschooling, child rearing, frugal living, sustainability, and organizational tips!

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Kristen at The Road To Domestication shared a post on drawer organization. It can be viewed here at It’s Time to Organize Your Drawers! I seriously need to go organize my drawers after reading this one! Also, she shared her workspace with us on her blog last week at The Place in Which I Work. And don’t miss out on this giveaway blogger opp! Go here at It’s Coming! The Ultimate Virtual Cookie & Goodies Party & Giveaway to get the info!


Zan at Flourishing At Home shared a recipe for Homemade Apple Pie. She also shared some Fall Scented Playdough with Free Playdough Mat Printables for toddlers and preschoolers. You can also check out these easy Glitter Pumpkin Activities for kids on her blog!

week 9 features

Shirley at Intelligent Domestications shared a post on The Bouqs Live Flowers Delivered Fresh Review. Check out this 3 Ingredient Crockpot Maple Glazed Apple Pork Chops on her blog. In addition, both she and Kristen are sharing a giveaway blogger opp! You can see her post here at Ultimate Virtual Cookie & Goodies Party And Giveaway Blogger Opp for more info!

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Welcome Porch Sign

10 Things I learned My First Year of Gardening


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Kristen’s Picks from the Week


Tidy Refrigerator Front (Magnetic Towels!) from El’s Journey

Painted Lamp Shade for TCW from Redo It Yourself Inspirations

Zan’s Picks from the week


DIY Pirate Costumes by Life’s Little Projects

How to Make a Chalkboard from an Old Picture Frame by My Big Fat Happy Life

19 Real Pumpkin Carving and Craft Ideas from Girl Gone Mom

Shirley’s Picks from the Week

Shirley's Pics from Home Matters Week 9

Fall Light Fixture Tutorial from Row House Events And Interiors

Fall Leaf Tree by Made In A Day

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Apple Shortcake with Honey, Cinnamon and Lavender from Something Sweet

Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix from Life with Garnish (6 clicks)

Coke Tin Candle Votives from Let’s Make It Lovely (6 clicks)

Painted Lamp Shade for TWC from Redo It Yourself Inspirations (6 clicks)

Fall Light Fixture Tutorial from RowHouse Events And Interiors (7 clicks)


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It’s Time to Organize Your Drawers!

There’s nothing I hate more than being in a hurry to get somewhere or do something…and I can’t find what I need to make it happen. UGH! It agitates the mess out of me!

I know you’ve been there – you’re already five minutes late, and you can’t find your other shoe in the pile in your closet. Or you’re in the line at the store, and suddenly the gift card you were going to use has disappeared from your wallet. Oh, and this is a good one: you’re on the phone with the insurance company, and you’ve suddenly mis-placed the document you need to get your claim paid!

My solution for these things has always been to organize, organize, organize.

So when blogger Pheeby Snow sent me a post about drawer organization, I thought it was perfect to share! Let’s check out what she has to say!

Antique drawers

In today’s developing world where everyone is rushing for somewhere, it is hard to believe that we manage to organize all our tasks and activities. Although technology is constantly developing, we often forget to organize simple activities in our home – like  cleaning procedures – as well as the organizing of other home activities. We are too busy with the organizing of our working schedules, with taking care of the children or simply with other pleasant activities, and we forget about regular home maintenance duties that are also essential. One of them being the organizing of the drawers in your home, an action which, at first look seems rather easy. In fact, it really depends on many factors and mainly on the size of the drawers as well as on your motivation and willingness to improve your organizational skills.

There exist different ways in which you can effectively organize your drawers, so here are some diverse alternatives in which you can save space in the drawers in your home!

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